May 19, 2007

Inspection Day

Leaving early because I need a tape measure. Yes, I know I have at least three. They just happen to be in storage. I want to measure the cabinets and floor space to see if my brilliant idea of revamping the kitchen will work. Also, must factor in "get lost time," just in case. I've been doing better at getting to Ripley but ya never know. Off we go.

James is highly impressed with the condition of the roads. Must be a man thing. I never noticed but now that he has commented, I realize that they are in very good repair. No pot holes anywhere; at least not in the areas I've traveled.

Now, I'm playing tour guide. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Pulling into Ripley and make the stop at WalMart. While I'm locating the tool section, James is engaging a young man in conversation, getting the lowdown on the weather, the area, and all the necessary information. I ask where are the Black Baptist churches? There are some in Ripley but most attend church in Henning. I'm not interested in driving any further than necessary to do anything. I kind of like having church, job, and hairdresser within a 20 minute radius. Less, if possible. Now Henning is less than 20 minutes away but if there are churches in town.... I guess I'll just have to visit a few, including those in Henning.

Well, hello, Mrs. Blackman! I had swiveled and smiled before it hit me: Who knows me in this town? It's Judy, from the realtors' office. She just popped down to do shopping on her lunch hour. Also reminds me that my appointment is at 1 p.m. Good grief! No time to grab something to eat, not even fast food. Off we go.

Entered the square correctly. Mrs. Childress is waiting. James wants to know why we aren't driving to the house. Only two blocks away.

The gas company is there to turn on the gas but Kevin is not. He is to check all the systems for me to make sure they are operating. While we wait, we take James on a tour of the inside. If he played cards, he would be a great poker player. No reaction. I'm still jumping up and down. Kevin has arrived. Let's get this party started. James is now looking at the outside.

The realtor and I are measuring the kitchen, discussing the fine details of the house, what I plan to do, yada yada. We both think the hearth to the kitchen fireplace is slate. A clean and shine will do it wonders. James returns to drop his bombshell. In his estimation, it will take megabucks to do basic repairs. This includes the roof and its components, remodeling of the baths, etc. But, but, I don't intend to do everything at once.

He goes out to talk to Kevin; it's a man thing. They've bonded. Now here comes the really bad news. Those ugly, ugly heaters? They don't have a safety switch (man, are they old or what?) and the gas company won't turn on the gas. I can understand that and am eternally grateful. So now I don't know if the floor furnace (has anyone heard of these things?) works. This must be indigenous to the south because I sure haven't seen any in my neck of the woods. Why can't they have radiators? One thing for sure, my plan to get rid of those monstrosities has just kicked into overdrive.

Mrs. Childress left us to discuss the pros and cons; we'll meet her back at the office. James loves the lot and thinks the house has potential but it is going to require some cash. Time to fish or cut bait. I'm either extremely optomistic or extremely stupid but I'm fishing. "Trust in the Lord...."

Back to the office to tell Mrs. Childress that the deal is still on. She is distressed but trying to keep a good face. Her husband had just informed her that his trip to the hospital this morning for an exam has resulted in their keeping him to run tests. She's upset and rightfully so. Her sons will drive her to Memphis later in the evening.

Business done. Back to Cordova. I'm determined to learn this circuitous route. Did good until I missed my turn. Running my mouth again. But I caught it as I flew by. Uie. No way are we driving around for hours this day.

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