May 20, 2007


It is now a week to the day of my offer being accepted. I have spent the week primarily surfing the web for sources and information. You see, there has got to be a better way of removing that grime other than using my arthritic shoulders and knees. Surely there is some machine that I can use. Doesn't look like it. Steam cleaner? Will probably cause the wood to swell. We're not trying to damage anything. But it can be used on hard surfaces such as tile, windows, etc. $29.00, not a bad use of funds. But I know that the people who make a living restoring properties after fires, etc., are not doing this manually. Suggestions are welcomed.

Also made treks back to my favorite shopping place and Linens and Things. Not only am I looking to see what Home Depot has to help me remove the grime but it dawned on me that if hardwood floors are throughout the house, they're probably present in the kitchen also. The linoleum just needs to be removed. More arm power. Fortunately, they do have a machine that will break up the linoleum without tearing up the floor. That is, until I get hold of it. There are also hand scrapers. I do think I'm going for renting the machine. Taking up the linoleum and refinishing the floor will be cheaper than buying tile.

The lady in Linen and Things is back from vacation. Please show me how to recreate this valance, pretty please? Can you see my face when she explained and it was the simple method demonstrated on one of those home improvement shows? Christopher Lowell, DYI, HGTV, I can't remember now but I do remember calling my mother and telling her about it.

I'm going to hit two of the major Memphis flea markets. Passing up the Bar-b-que fest. Flea markets sound more interesting. Perhaps I can find light fixtures. Also see that a company is having a tent sale not far from me. 70% off fixtures, windows, doors, furniture, lighting and more. Maybe I'll find something I can use.

Planned the route. Tent sale first, thrift stores on the route into Memphis, flea market #1, then flea market #2 and, maybe, the casinos in Tunica. Afterall, flea market #2 is on the way to Tunica. Still have a lot of geography to learn. West Memphis is not in Memphis. It is across the river (Mississippi). But this flea market is touted as being one of the largest in the area and I love flea markets. Going to make a day of it. Once I retire to my "rural abode," I'll be too busy cleaning for a while to play tourist.

Can't find the tent sale. Are you surprised? The post office is on Macon Road so I know where that is. Followed it until it dead-ended, turned around and went in the opposite direction. I've been down this section as well and already know it is residential but just in case. What? The numbers are going down? Back to Germantown Parkway and ask for directions. Can't help me; don't know how to get to this section of Macon Road. No problem. I've got the ad and my cell phone. Dangnabbit, the young man at the other end can only give very general directions. What is it with getting directions down here? I'm the stranger; they are natives. They are supposed to know where they are and how to get there, right? Not.

I find it. And am I ever glad I was persistent. The parking lot is a bargain-hunter's delight. There are plenty of French doors that would look great at the living room and dining room entries. Can't buy because I don't have measurements. Drat! Same with locks and door knobs; can't remember how many doors or what the existing locks look like. Sink vanities being sold for half of the retail cost. But, do I really want to buy that, today? The baths need to be updated and this is a prime opportunity to buy what I want but the cost of the roof and getting rid of those horrible heaters looms large. Let's go inside.

Rooms and rooms of chandeliers, lamps, fans, etc. Hot damn! 50% off? Okay, concentrate on the orange tags. Needless to say, those I could readily afford didn't flip the skirts and the ones I liked more than I wanted to spend. Champagne tastes; beer budget. But I'm getting something, today! Round and round I go. Finally settle for a chandelier for the dining room. In my price range and something I can live with. Would have preferred something with a little more bling but this is "tasteful". Not in love with the little lamp shades but they can be removed, if necessary. Let's place the order. What? It's half price off of the half price? Oh, Lordy! I've died and gone to heaven. Now I've got a little more money to spend. Look for a living room fixture. Settle for another fixture. Everything in the showroom is 1/2 off? Why didn't somebody tell me that in the beginning? I could have stepped up a notch in my selections! Alright, kitchen lights. Got it! I'm right happy.

Now why did I expect delivery? They delivered to the car; the rest is on me. Can't ride with these boxes in the car. Back to the apartment with the back seat loaded. Good thing they have to order the kitchen lights. So why did I expect the boxes to be light? They were heavy as hell and I don't have my trusty moving equipment. They are in storage, remember? Lift that load, girl. Struggle to the apartment. Thank God for being on the first floor. Back for the second one. Made it without dropping it. All I would need. Inside the front door is as far as I can go. Doesn't matter, it's temporary. Now the back is hurting big time.

Eat, take an aspirin and a nap. Ready to pick up where I left off. I'll forego the flea markets and find some of the local thrift stores. Grab the directions and set out. Ooh, here's the mailman. Since I'm having trouble getting a mailbox key, maybe he will just give me whatever is there. Sure enough, the box is loaded. Some of it need not have made the trip. Ah, here's info from the mortgage company. Their records show that the mortgage has been paid in full. If there is any money in escrow, it will be sent in 30 days. Please tell me why I have to wait for my money but am barraged with demands for theirs? That's cool. It's good when it arrives.

I'm learning that MapQuest can lead you astray. Sometimes it is right on the money; other times it can lead you in circles. Like today. Finally find this particular store. Huge. Looking for dining room chairs I can recover. Nicks don't matter. I'm getting good at refinishing things. Only one set of chairs. Doesn't matter. Now that I know where it is, I can keep checking back. Furniture store. Why not? Doesn't hurt to look. A few things that I liked but not much. Just looking. Young man, Dillon--easy to remember, think Gunsmoke and Matt Dillon--was very helpful. Maybe I'll come back. He deserves something for all the time he took with me. There was a beautiful chaise that I loved. We'll see.

Back to Kroger's. Need coffee, fruit. I'm starting to live in this store. Boston ferns are still on sale. Full, healthy, for $5.99. They need to be across the front porch. Not buying today, though. I'll wait until after settlement. Calling it a day.

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