June 23, 2007

The Big Dig

Mike showed around 10 a.m., on Sunday morning, with his brother, Shannon, in tow. They are going to fix the leak and install the lights. Mike is a happy-go-lucky type of person; Shannon, more reserved in nature. We weren't sure whether it was the shock of working for Blacks or just his natural disposition.

First order of business, start on the leak. Mike was busy shuttling back and forth. Dig here. My brother was enlisted for this end of the operation. "Didn't come to Tennessee to dig ditches." Shannon was assigned to install the light in the foyer. This light was initially intended for the living room but its size made it a natural for the entryway. Big and heavy. Definitely a two-man operation. Oh, wow. Everyone takes turns admiring it from the doorway. Not a bad purchase for a tent sale.

Brother's still digging. Muddy, hot, and disgusted. Chandelier going up in the living room. Thing won't work. Why not? The person who removed the previous fixtures cut, yanked, and disabled wiring throughout the house. Either malicious, in a hurry, or just didn't care.

Water turned on temporarily so that friend can shower and leave for airport. Scraper loaded into trunk of car. And we're off. Traveling back to Memphis International via a different route. Ms. Maggie is on and directing the way, "Turn right in .3 miles," "Stay in right lane," "Rte. 40 in 2 miles." You go, girl. Asked friend if he had checked on departure since he'd been stranded at the airport on the previous visit. Airport is now closer to 75 or more miles away; not the easy call for rescue as in times past.

Relying on Ms. Maggie to get me home. We start out going through an area that looked interesting. Statue of Liberty perched on the edge of this huge park-like acreage, with a church towards the back. Can't remember the saying but, in essence, it was inviting you to repent of your sins. Riding and looking around. Make exit as directed and Ms. Maggie goes to sleep. She went into a deep sleep on me and I didn't have a clue as to where I was or how to get to where I was going. Frantically trying to remember the last thing on the screen before she announced she was going to sleep. Actually, she didn't announce anything...I happened to look down and the screen was dark. When I jiggled it, the announcement came on the screen that the batteries were critically low and she was "going to sleep." Now, didn't you and your brother just have a conversation about carrying the charger in the car? Where is it? At home. Good place for it when I'm lost.

Driving along, furious, and cussing. I make no apologies. How dare that thing go off on me? Nothing to do but keep riding until I see an exit for a gas station. Ms. Maggie, darling, I don't mean no harm but I was asking for directions at gas stations before you came into my life. Pulled into a gas station where a group of "hunky" Black males had stopped on their motorcycles. Not a gang. I would have kept moving. Just fellas out for a Sunday drive. Expensive machines, too. Go all the way back to the airport and start over? Give me a break. Back in the direction from whence I came, picked up I-240 (which Maggie never put me on) and headed east. Nashville, here I come. Sleep on Maggie, the kid knows where she's going if you put her on 240 East. Going home the old, tried and true way. We'll try finding I-51 another day.

Have to pick up food for dinner. Too far away to pick something up and try to reheat it. Will have to take advantage of Ripley's limited fare. So far, the distance from everything is my only complaint about the city. It is a city, the county seat, not a town. There is a difference but I can't remember what it is at the moment. Something to do with population, I believe. Anyway, settle for Chinese.

Back to Serendipity. Brother is still digging. Really not happy, now. Doesn't want my meager offering at this time. Can't blame him--it's hotter than hot--even though the sun is beginning to set. Seems they had fixed the leak and the temporary fix didn't hold. Now, he has to dig even deeper. Check on the lights. Dining room light is up; it is awesome. It was one of those choices you make when you can't get what you really want. But, good grief, it is perfect.

Kitchen lights are up but globes to one are busted. Another trip back to Cordova for replacements; an hour's drive. The "green monstrosity" has been installed. I love it. Only two lights aren't working. Will probably need to access the attic for the wiring. Save it for another day.

Water has been shut off from the street. In order to shower, we (my brother) must make the journey to the street, turn it on, and then back again to turn it off. We're roughing it. But...we have lights.


Bandido said...

Beutiful light fixtures you always had exquiste taste when it came to home furnishings.

Bandido said...

Oh and your brother (uncle to me) was not the only to hound you about chargers and the lack thereof or have you forgotten our times??? But hopefully lesson has been learned never leave the house unprepared two wonderfull women in my life since I was small drilled that one into me.

DCnTN said...

What a nice compliment but I think you might be a wee bit biased. As for the charger, I don't need Maggie to get to Wal-Mart and the home center. Those two places are becoming daily trips. But I will put it in the car just to be on the safe side.