June 12, 2007

A Full Day

All of those musty, dusty drapes must come down! I thought they could be saved and used but have decided they are not worth the trouble. As they come down, I swear I can breathe better. Probably all in my mind. But look at the daylight their absence has created! Wow, the place is looking better and better.

Here is Mr. Jack, right on time! This man is all business. I had to replace the shower fixtures and you just know I had bought a 3-knob unit instead of a 2-knob unit. Must pay attention to details, girl. He offers to get one from Griggs, a hardware/lumber supplier about 5 minutes away. Installs it, not what I would have chosen but hey, it works, and sets about working in the front bath. No water pressure. Why? A leak somewhere is preventing the water from coming to that bath. Water meter is going crazy. Can't find it but will be back tomorrow (Saturday) to try and locate it. Well, some water is better than no water. We're making progress.

Handyman Bob stops by to start the kitchen sink counter. Can't complete it because the water is not working but at least the base is set in place and the counter top cut for the sink. Dry fit the sink. Looks good.

Only two phone jacks in the house. That works for me. Kitchen and back bedroom. Cordless phones will do the trick.

Start to scrub but get distracted. Too many things to do at once. Can't find things. Some boxes have been repacked by the moving company (called padding the bill) and are unmarked. Surprises in every one they packed. Unrelated items. I'm looking for a fan, something I'd been told to pitch as being unnecessary. I'm also looking for the coffee pot and microwave. Definite necessities.

A call for delivery of the refrigerator is in order. It is HOT! Cool refreshments would be nice. No problem. Still no refrigerator a few hours later. Dirty and frazzled, I make it to Mr. Criner's, the quintessential Southern Boss. No joke, he has been mayor of the city of Ripley and mayor of the county of Lauderdale. Trust me. There is not a thing that goes on this town that he does not know of or have a finger in. Deceiving. Mild-mannered, low key, crafty, back-room operator. I like him.

Pay his last few dollars (he will not repossess my appliances) and ask for everything tomorrow. Found the fan but not the microwave or coffee pot. Dine with my furry friends. They don't understand that since they don't pay rent, they are not welcome. Found out my throwing arm is not what it used to be. Age does take a toll, doesn't it? Or, is it because I put away my tom-boyish ways? I could "chunk" a rock with the best of them in my youth. Now, I throw like a girl. They are not deterred because I miss by a mile. Time to go down for the night.

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