June 22, 2007

Promises, Promises

Well, the plumber finally showed but not in the morning as promised. We've cut a square in the front bathroom floor to provide access to that enclosed area. My tools were deemed too "girly" to do a man's job so Mr. Jack whipped out his reciprocating saw and, voila! Knew I should have bought one of those things. Cracker-jack Karl promises to come back in the morning. I tell him that we have to go to the airport in the afternoon, so if he can't get there in the morning to let me know. Wrong thing to say.

Phone call early that morning, before 7 a.m., to say that he won't be able to make it. He's tied up on a job and won't be able to get to me before Monday or Tuesday. What is his problem? Didn't he understand that the water is running? "Let me be very frank with you," I say and proceed to rip him a new one, very politely, of course. He promises to be in on Saturday a.m. Smooth move.

Off to the airport, via the lighting company to pick up lights for the kitchen and to Home Depot to return an air conditioner. The lights were purchased at the tent sale I lucked up on shortly after arriving in the Mid-South. They were on back-order and just arrived. Didn't need all four ac's so one had to go back. Too much lifting for baby brother. Serious pain and no pain killers.

Pull into the airport with about .5 hour to spare. Abby is sparkling, courtesy of my brother. Friend, James, will be extremely happy and surprised to see a clean car. He has a surprise for brother, as well. We're mattress shopping. Two places are too high and can't guarantee next day delivery. Third place is closing as we pull up. Friend works his gift of gab and we're let in. Purchase made. Good salesman; knew all the right things to say and do. Delivery is scheduled for next day. Dinner and we're off to the Big Rip with me in the back seat. I can direct blindfolded. Slow down here; speed limit is 45. Police are usually in this driveway/parking lot. Pass this spot, the speed limit increases. Get ready to turn after the bump in the road. It's nightfall but the drive is a piece of cake. Until we decided to take a new route into town. Got a little bit of lost but Mz. Maggie, the GPS, put us back on the right track.

Friday a.m., phone call advising no mattress delivery. No surprise, there. Cleaning and running up and down the road. I'm determined to rent a scraper for the kitchen floor. Two men in the house, someone can handle it. I'm a girl.

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