July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

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It's Independence Day all across America. Parades, fireworks, you name it. You would expect that a town like Ripley would go all out in observing this holiday, with fervor and flair. God, country, home, in that order, right? Red, white, and blue all over? NOT! Not a thing is planned in Ripley for the 4th. NOTHING! Nada, zilch, zip. I can't believe it. I'm in a small town and not getting a parade? Little red wagons and cute little children? Dogs dressed in costume? Nothing?

You got it. The 4th is no big deal here. And, they have a DAR chapter. Obviously, they are NOT on their job. Did you hear that, headquarters? They should be disbanded.

Maybe I can catch the show on the mall on PBS. I doubt it. Dang. Now is when I miss DC. Something about those monuments that just grabs you.

Well, Independence Day may not be a big thing but the Lauderdale County Tomato Festival sure is. Famous Ripley tomatoes. I bet you'll start looking to see where they come from now. Back to the festival. Grandstand being set up in the square; concerts, vendors, races. It promises to be the event of the summer.

I think this will enlarge once you click on it.

Of course, I'm up for the festival, whether it is small or large; hokey or not. I've only seen the insides of Walmart, Coles, and Griggs (another lumber yard). I've been so holed up, the realty company sent an email to see if I was still alive and I'm only two blocks away. That is pitiful.

I haven't done anything today but update the blog. Lots of work to be done and special friend arriving tomorrow. Guess I'll be up all night long. Hope your 4th has been an enjoyable and safe one. DAR, I got your back. I put flags out in the front. Somebody has got to uphold the tradition.

Oh, yeah, that's a puzzle for you to work. Let me know your time.

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