July 20, 2007

You Won't Believe

...that another check from the former mortgage company appeared in today's mail. Does that mean that a stop payment was put on the one I just received? Lawd a mercy! What is going on with that company? If anybody has their mortgage sold to EMC, a subsidiary of Bear/Stearns, get it moved ASAP; refinance, do something. They are nothing but trouble. has over 700 complaints logged in their forum. Class action suits filed in several states. Is this any way to run a business?

...that it is taking me forever to paint the room where I have the computer. It's a small room, for pete's sake. First, I run out of the primary color. Back to my favorite shopping place. Once, I got back home, it was one interruption after the other. All I want to do is paint it and put up shelving. Then I can get rid of those loads of boxes containing books, etc. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

...that I can't get the head off of the weed wacker to insert the refill. Are you surprised? I'm not.

...that Ripley is a dry town. But not for long. Alcohol sales are permitted but no one has opened a store. The paper advises that two people have applied for permits. Here's hoping one of them gets permission. Wine is sold at WalMart's. Boone's Farm. Haven't had that since my early days in college. Understand Mad Dog is another favorite around here. NO THANK YOU! Fortunately, I have a small stash of alcohol that I, you got it, brought from DC. Waste not, want not.

...that most of the hits for my resume posting are for insurance sales. I need a JOB but I did respond to one to see what they were about. I have an appointment for Tuesday a.m.

...that it takes forever and a day for mail to reach this outpost. My number one son has had me hoofing it to the mailbox daily for his "package." It finally arrived today. A very pretty invitation to his wedding in September. Good job, group.

...that I tried to chase a groundhog. He beat me to his hidey hole by a minute. I'm out of shape.

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Bandido said...

You have finaly lost it chasing groundhogs!!!!!!!!! Have we not learned from our past mother as bad as your father was he had one very brilliant idea get a watergun,if I member correctly he was a dead eye to the point that all varmits dared not tread uponst his small parcel of land.Or for that matter an Air pellet Rifle 50 state legal and non lethal but it provides enough of an omph to discourage.