August 27, 2007


Alligators, deer with blue tongues, dead fish, rattlesnake bites, and a big black dog with no fear. Seriously, they're trying to track alligators in one of the rivers. As they said, "how can you manage the wildlife when you don't know where they are or how many?" Good question. No water around Serendipity, literally or figuratively. Oh, and it is illegal to kill alligators.

The deer population has contracted a virus which causes their tongues to turn blue. No danger to humans. Right. Mrs. Tennessee was going down the stairs to a function and was bitten by a rattler. Another contestant pulled the fang from her foot. They say she's okay. A pilot also had an encounter with a snake in the cockpit, of all places. Haven't seen my slithering resident and don't want to. Fish are dying in the reservoirs because the water table has fallen so low.

Big black dog meandering through the yard. Where did he come from? And why my yard? Knows no fear. Blew the horn, he must be deaf because he didn't flinch, stop his nosing about, or run. In fact, he had the audacity to ignore me! Now, I don't have to tell you that I did not get out of the car. I don't know him and he doesn't know me. Finished his rounds and moseyed on down the driveway. Excuse me? I follow in the car--he waits across the street as though to say "go on about your business." No fear; no respect.

Comes out that the Titans (NFL team for the uniformed) paid back child support for one of their players. He's now playing with another team who might have to do the same thing. This man has fathered NINE children, a baseball team of his own. All of whom are looking for and deserve support. Now you can't pay child support but can pay over $100,000 for jewelry and the same amount for a Mercedes? Want a bail out because you can't manage your money? Try this: A court-ordered V A S E C T O M Y! One person responded that it was the woman's responsibility to practice birth control as well, unless she was looking to get on the gravy train. By now, all my baby boys who are in the money should know the game. Use some COMMON SENSE, my brothers. Okay, I'm off that soap box.

They closed off one of the bridges over the Mississippi because they were worried about a pier footing. Opened it up before the end of the day. I would feel more secure if they had kept it closed a day or two. At least let me think you've repaired the problem.

Mike Vick has apologized. Found God. Prison will be his cushy rehab. Time to let it go America.

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