September 19, 2007

Attention, Wal-Mart Shoppers

The weekend was spent freezing. I donned sweatshirt, sweatpants, socks, and pulled out the blanket. It was warmer outside than it was indoors. Mowed the east 40 and ran out of gas, both physically and literally. The ragged front has to wait. Got to find a solution for those slopes by next year. They look awful. Sunday was spent huddled under the covers, watching the games. Can't wait for Monday night. REDSKINS! Yeah.

Monday was the first full day on the floor. What am I doing? Replenishing stock and "zoning," a Wal-Mart term for keeping the section clean. That means going behind you and putting things back where you should have put them when you finished unfolding them, ripping open the package, etc. Refolding items, picking up your trash and empty packages where someone has helped themselves. Mindless. To a degree. As with any job, there are points to be learned. I'll get the hang of it.

The store has a young Black manager which came as a surprise to me. And they (the company) are deadly serious about store cleanliness, friendliness, safety, etc. No foul language will be tolerated. If the Wal-Mart in your area is not clean, make a complaint. This store is huge. I'm getting a pedometer because I am walking my rear end off. Do not tell me another thing about running or exercising. I don't want to hear it.

Monday night. Are you ready for some football? I was geared and went to sleep. Did get to see some of the game but once the eyeballs rolled back, that was all she wrote. I was glad to wake up and find that the Skins came through. 2 and 0 is a good way to start.

Because I'm so close to the store, I come home for lunch. A good thing but also a potential problem. Going to really have to watch the time. On a time clock, something I haven't done in a month of Sundays. Turning back into the parking lot, I realized something vitally important to my well-being was missing. My plate. I had taken it out to eat comfortably (still have that dental problem going on) and forgot to put it back in. AAAAARRRRGH! Too late to go back home. Just have to keep the mouth shut. No grinning here. How embarrassing. Good grief.

So all you visitors to Wally World, please take it easy on the working stiffs. Put it back where you got it from. Fold it back up. And for Pete's sake, stop breaking things and stealing! We'd appreciate it.

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