September 28, 2007

Who DO You Think You Are?

Eat. Sleep. Go to work. Eat. Sleep. Work. In DC, I had the option of relieving the tediousness by going out with friends or talking by phone. Here? Eat. Sleep. Work. And I haven't found anywhere to go. Don't misunderstand. I'm thankful for the ability to work; things were looking bleak. And I must admit, I welcome the opportunity to get out of the house. The piddling and lack of income had become nerve-wracking. But the body is protesting. Loudly.

To add insult to injury, I've had to pay someone to mow the lawn. Why is that, Missy? The incessant rain has caused the grass to grow by leaps and bounds. And my hours have me getting off late. Can't mow the lawn in the dark. And we both know that, at the moment, paying someone to do the lawn is not a priority.

I made the mistake of saying that I liked the late schedule--arriving at 4 p.m. Now why would you do something so stupid? First of all, you came in telling them you needed 4 days off and now you want to work in the evening? Who DO you think you are? You just know that my schedule for the next week, starting this morning, runs from 10 a.m. to dark. And, I won't be making it to church either. For a lonnnng time. That'll learn ya, durn ya. The yard looks awful. First day off is next Wednesday; the lawn definitely will not wait that long. I'd probably get a citation from the city.

Wal-Mart controls the heat and air in its stores from headquarters in Arkansas. Temperatures of high 80s and low 90s, combined with daily rain, have created muggy conditions, not so much outside, but noticeable in the store. Must be cool in Bentonville because the air conditioning is nonexistent. I thought it was me. You know--hot flashes? See, this is why the Waltons have money and I have none. And they are big on recycling. Some of freight is packed in boxes that are reused. Over and over again. A big notice is stamped on the sides reminding you that each box saved is money. I think it is a dime but, again, that is why they have money and I don't.

After lugging out all those damned candles the night before and leaving Nicky to put them up, I was surprised to find that one of the loaded carts was still in the back and the display not assembled. Here I go, again. "Do you want me to pull the cart out of the back?" "You can put it up." Fine, I can do that. Thankfully, Tim and Brandy came to my rescue. The shelves had not been put up correctly so that had to be redone. I know how to read a plan-a-gram but no one thought to give me the scanner to make the job easier. Noooo! I'm reading the minuscule print and trying to find the right boxes. Did I say there were three carts? Loaded to the gills? Tim showed me the easy way; scan the box and it tells you where it should be on the shelf. Well, looky here, that is just great! Except I haven't been given access to a scanner. Thankful that Tim lets me use his.

I'm working. Scan the box, open the box, put the merchandise on the shelf, cut the box up. Boxes everywhere. Hear my supervisor page for the Asst. Supervisor. Self: "Um hum, she doesn't know where I am." It is a shame to be so paranoid. Sure enough, here she comes. "I couldn't find you. Misty told me that you were setting up a module. Did they show you how to...? You're only supposed to have one cart on the floor at a time." On and on. Self: "Excuse me...isn't it your job to show/tell me these things?" Nooo problem.

I'm hustling to get to lunch by 4 p.m. Cannot be flagged again. Put surplus items on one cart, boxes to be disposed of on another. Still have a full cart to unload. Got to go. No way am I giving Wally time. Push the cart with boxes to the back; I can unload it after lunch. Come back to find Nicky putting up the rest of the stock. Cool. Except that she didn't put it all up. Rolled most of it to the back. NOT my issue.

I'm in housewares, a-dusting and arranging. Have been given roll-back stickers to put on certain merchandise. No shelf hangers. Find them the best way you can. Also find out which of the items need to be tagged because the upc codes are not matching up. Turns out that the labels of items that are roll-back items have a little "R" on them. Well, isn't that neat? And very helpful. Could've saved a lot of time if I'd been told that earlier. What the hey? I'm getting paid to spend time trying to find the item, right?
Just who DO you think you are?

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