October 24, 2007

Duck Feet

We're building an ark down here in Ripley. This is day five of non-stop rain and the temperature is f-a-l-l-i-n-g. The rain caused me to use Mr. Criner's dryer for the very first time. AFTER I washed it out. Good grief. Criner doesn't believe in cleaning up anything that he sells used. I had never looked inside. First, it wasn't connected. Then when it was, the good Lord was sending mighty heat and bountiful sunshine. Didn't need it. Good thing I looked before I threw the clothes in. I was praying that the electrical connection was done safely. I'm too old for all of these worries and fears. Well, the electric works; no thrown circuits. Goes 'round in circles just fine but no heat. Couldn't call Criner 'cause the phone is not working. Geez. Air-dried the clothes to the best of my ability. That means I ran the dryer non-stop until they were semi-dry. What a waste of electricity, time, and my energy. Went to see him and he promised that a repairman would be by Friday a.m.

For all the jazz fans, Kirk Whalum's father died last weekend. He was a minister and former city councilman in Memphis. Appears to have been held in high regard. For those of us who lived the Civil Rights era (and those that have studied it in school), Ernest Withers, photographer extraordinaire, also passed. Little Rock, MLK, Emmitt Till, Sanitation demonstration in Memphis, are just some of the images for which he is known.

The young man who took my money is still on the run, all 275 pounds of him. Identified by the Memphis Safe Streets Task Force and someone in City Hall. Does this mean he drove to Ripley from Memphis? Lived here? Naw, the tellers would have identified him. He's Miz So-and-so's son, nephew, whatever. Had friends or family in Ripley? It is said that he used to drive a Lauderdale County school bus and that is how the person in City Hall knew him. Of course, this is hearsay. There has to be a connection to Ripley because he bypassed a lot of towns to get here. The dye pack did explode, according to my weekly newspaper, so he will be caught. The dye is permanent so the car is toast. What a hoot. This was the first bank robbery in the bank's 69 years in existence. Wow. In the urban areas, some bank branches are held up weekly. By the way, did they catch the fellow who shot the guards in Philly?

More hearsay has it that Miss T's husband is doing a long stretch in jail for drugs. The claim is that he was the biggest drug dealer in Ripley and Henning. I'll have to do some research on that one (cause you know I'm nosy). Kind of explains her attitude. The other factor is that her mother is ill. We'll pray for her. And speaking of praying...she is very religious; was she like that before he went to jail or after? Does this explain why she left Wally World for three years and then returned? To pay the legal fees? Such speculation. You do that when you are shirking household chores, it is cold, and you have no life other than a house in need of repairs and a very spoiled animal.

Greedy-gut, aka Piss-Ant, aka Cindy made it through 24 hours without giving me a load to remove. Give the girl a hand. She's on good behavior when I'm around but come night time or let me go to work? We'll pray for her, too. And her greedy ways. I swear the very thought of food sends the animal into a frenzy. She'll be your very best friend for a morsel of anything.

I still have no phone service but I've sent two emails to them. Like that will work. R-i-g-h-t. Local office is closed on the weekends which explains why I couldn't get an answer from them. And we know that the 1-888 number is screwed (Maurine never got through) and the live chat is a joke. Finally got in touch with real live body Thursday on my way to Criner's. Someone should be out Friday a.m. "We'll call you to confirm." On WHAT? Thank goodness that the internet is working. I have to keep in touch with you and keep up with my puzzles, etc.

I've lost weight!!!! Yea! No diet as such; plenty of walking and HARD work. Double chin is almost gone; stomach is down. I can feel my collar bone. I think it is just wonderful that I can fit into some 14 slacks; now that most, if not all, have all been given away. Now, don't get me wrong. This is not a complaint. I've been trying to back down to a 12/14 ever since I went to a size 16. And Starr is absolutely right (don't know why you keep hating on that woman), you start making excuses and saying that you're not going to get any larger, the dress size keeps going up, and you make another excuse/promise. Next thing I knew I was looking at 18's for the comfort factor. Now we both know that you can dress it up, coordinate it to death, have sharp shoes, matching bags, hair in order, makeup down pat, but 18's and larger sizes don't look as sharp as 8, 10, and 12 outfits. Don't lie! You know I'm telling the truth. Oh, the down-side? The legs, which are notoriously wicked, were the first to show signs of weight loss. Oh, well.

Didn't get the job. Got my "dear Mrs. Blackman" letter in the mail. Guess it is not for me to work in the TN Correctional System. Broke down and bought a space heater 'cause baby it is cold inside. Not making too much of a dent in that cavernous, aka spacious, bedroom but some heat is better than none. Have to get a heating system in here ASAP. Dithering between electric or gas is becoming a non-issue. It is do or die time. Criner had some suggestions but I can't call the people he suggested or go to their place of business. I am, as usual, waiting on repairmen. Stay tuned. Send sunshine and warmth.

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