October 04, 2007

It's Not Working

The super-duper groundhog chaser, that is. But we're not surprised, are we? To be fair, the instructions do state to put Shake-away down two to three times a week. Looks like I'll have to purchase more of it because the supply I purchased is only good for a week. Or, it could be I shook more than I should have. Doesn't matter, cause they were back out again. See where fox urine is a good repellent. Going to try that next. And since the leaves are starting to fall off of the bushes, I can clearly see entrances that need to be plugged. We all know that they will only find another opening but I'm trying it anyway.

Have to get back into this work routine. Off today. Hair washed and ready for the job tomorrow. Clothes washed but not pressed. What's the hurry? There you go, procrastinating again. That's right.

Electrician swung through and we discussed replacing the two electric heaters that are installed. He thinks the units are good but I saw a spark when he tested one. Not trusting them. 14 years of inactivity mean replacement to me. In a dither as to which source of heat to go with. Haven't been down this route before. Have always had a heating source. Now you want me to install one? Pros and cons are laid out as to operating expense. When you don't have money, anything is expensive. Six in one hand; half-a-dozen in another. Natural gas shouldn't go out whereas a power outage will knock off the electricity. What to do?

Got a command call from the real estate office. Just checking. I headed out to spend some time there and get my fish and cigs. There was a note on the car when I went to the garage, thanking me for attending church on Sunday. The only church I was in was Wally World. I won't be in a church on any Sunday, if the good folks doing the scheduling have anything to do with it. Took the note with me.

Learned that it was from the former mayor of Ripley. He thought that I was the Black woman who attended service.(Don't say it; I know what you're thinking.) Nope, it wasn't me. She's from California and is mad with Maurine because she didn't get the house she wanted. Last name is Love but not acting very loving. Turns out to be the same house I came to Ripley to look at originally. The bank is really holding onto that one, it seems. They had received a contract on it when I got here and every bid that comes in is turned down. No point in getting mad with Maurine. Put in another bid, if you want it that badly. Glad to know that Blacks are accepted at First Baptist. It is only a block away.

Found that Judy had an operation last week but is back to work. Asked about "The Bottoms." Told very emphatically that I do NOT want to frequent any juke joints down there. But there is a restaurant down there that is supposed to be nice. Anybody coming to visit? I need someone to go with me.

Looked at the wedding proofs on-line. Beautiful. Excellent photographer. She made ugly people look good. Here's the link: You have to use your email address for admission to the site. There are six categories ranging from Getting Ready to Details. Go to the bottom of the opening page and click on all products which takes you to another screen with a drop down tab to select the categories. Details showcases the photographer's artistic creativity. You know--the photos of the shoes, rings, yada yada. But don't you dare skip the portraits, ceremony, etc. Great job all the way round. Of course, that is just a proud mama talking.

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