October 13, 2007

I've Been Adopted

Managed to take a look at the Harvest Days/Festival, whatever, before I went in to work. I'm sure that the crowd will pick up as people have completed their errands and chores. I understand that a steady stream of people had been through the square but not en masse.

I've heard so often that the coming of Wal-Mart kills small town businesses. Ripley was no exception. At one end of the square was a grocery store, a few eateries were in place, as was Goodyear, and a clothing dept. store. All closed when Wal-Mart hit town. What a shame. Now I understand the decline of the square and the efforts to bring people into the town proper by hosting such events.

Nothing big, a few vendors, lots of crafts, and little entertainments for the kiddies. The Lauderdale County Animal Shelter was also in residence. Zeek, author of the animal column in one of the newspapers, was there with some of his "buds," as he calls them. Understand they have 144 animals in residence. Minus one. That would be Cindy, who came home with me.

I wasn't ready for a dog but FREE and HOUSEBROKEN? She seems to be a sweet, little thing but we'll see. I understand she's spoiled. I don't do spoiled--human or animal. Doesn't bark much, so far. Has a pitiful whine. Likes to play. Would probably be better suited to a house with kids. No chiren here.

Sweet little Cindy has a very determined side. She and I will not get along at this rate. She was banished to the back porch last night. She didn't want to sleep where I wanted her to be. She also has fleas, which I think she picked up from the damned groundhogs, and may be wormy. She didn't bark when I approached the house last night. Something that barks at noises is what I need. Something growled at us from the garage and that silly dog never made a sound. Both of us beat a hasty retreat. Companionship from a four-legger is not necessary. Anything that eats and/or adds to my expense has got to carry their weight. Stay tuned. Her life at Serendipity might be short-lived.

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