October 10, 2007

Tearing It Up

That's right. I'm tearing up everything: the yard, my hands, appliances. You name it and I'm destroying it. Jumped on the yard with everything I had. Tired as hell but I was determined to keep the yard looking as nice as Percy had it last week. See, Percy doesn't fit the budget at the moment. So here we go.

The lawnmower is ready and waiting for me. Started right up. No problem. Lord-a-mercy. Is the east 40 big or what? Not a hard job because Percy had cut it low. Lots of dips and swales. You can break a leg if you're not watching the lay of the land. Round and round, sweating, huffing and puffing. Now I'm panting and I haven't even reached the barn/garage/shed side. I don't think I'm going to be able to do the whole yard, front and back, today. Good ol' lawnmower sympathized. It ran out of gas. Thank you, Jesus! A bona fide break! Speed inside for a much deserved rest. Back outside. Fill 'er up. And...I'm off. Back, side, and front. Done. Hurrah! No energy for trimming the shrubs which are overgrown. That's for tomorrow. What's this? I've broken the skin on some ugly blisters on both hands. Talking about working.

Out early. I'm determined to trim the bushes. Especially those bordering the shed/barn/garage. Got a vendetta with the groundhogs going on. Darned things were out munching on my freshly-mowed lawn. The nerve! Weed-eater? Check. Trimmer? Check. Electric cords? Check. Now, we won't speak to the fact that one of the new, super-duper, extra long cords has walked. But they kindly replaced it with a ratty cord that is most definitely not mine.

Had an outlet put in the barn/shed/garage, supposedly to allow me to clean the car. Works fine for yard work. Pour precious gas on the grass growing in the driveway cracks. Maybe that will kill it off. Lord knows the expensive weed killer hasn't been effective. Whack the weeds on the hillsides abutting the driveway. Hmmm. Need a professional model. The cheapo model isn't up to the job or the weeds are too tough. Mangle them. On to the trimmer and the groundhog haven. What's this? The groundhog holes lead into my barn/shed/garage? Not under? Heavens no, say it ain't so. Got to pay somebody to clean out those rooms. No telling what I'll find in there. Did somebody say snake?

Some of the bushes around the yard are dead or close to it. Looks like they might be diseased. Since I don't know what kind of bushes they are, I surely don't know what the disease is. Maybe they'll come back next year. Lack of water played a major role in their semi-demise. Sorry. I'm into water conservation this year. On to the beautiful azalea bush. Honeysuckle has entwined itself. Now to the rose bush. prune roses in the spring, don't you, Missy? That's what they say. But this bush is getting pruned today and the monster bush beside it that is blocking its light. Everything goes. Everything in the back yard is getting trimmed. Today. Until the trimmer stops working. What was the problem, Missy? In my zeal, I cut the cord. The new cord, no less. Knew I should have used that ratty cord.

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