December 08, 2007

Ant Hagar's Children

Cindy, here. Does anyone know who Ant Hagar and her children are? I didn't think Missy knew anybody, especially children, here in Ripley and I haven't heard her name before. I'm confused. All I know is that I was sitting outside the door, waiting for Missy to let me in. I can be very patient, except when it is meal time, and I knew she was bustling about getting ready to go to something called Wally World. I started barking at these little people who had appeared in the yard. Missy looked and saw little people coming up the steep hill in the back, in the yard, and climbing over the white fence. She was fit to be tied. It's a good thing I was tied because this is my yard and I didn't take kindly to their climbing over things and showing up uninvited. Where's their home training?

Missy strolled out and told them they weren't to come into the yard. She walked all the way to the back and told the rest of the little people the same thing. I don't know why she didn't let me go. I had some words to add to that conversation and perhaps a little chase to put an exclamation mark to it but she left me by the door. How am I supposed to exert my ownership when I'm on a leash? And just who is Ant Hagar? Where does she fit on the family tree?

Missy said I didn't know how to act. Called me a bad dog. All because I did a little exploring on my own. She let me out and went back inside. Usually she stands and waits for me; no privacy at all. So while she was inside, I decided to mosey down the front, along the fence, just checking things out. Well, when she came back, she didn't see me. Here we go again, yelling my name and clapping up a storm. See, I found this hole in the fence at the front of the property and just slid through. Went to visit the newspaper next door. Well, she could see me and I could see her but I couldn't find that darned hole to get back. I found it, though, and you would think after I galloped back across the yard, she'd be glad to see me. NOPE! No pets, no treats. Sheez.

Then she lets my babies out. Claimed she wanted to see how strong their legs are. I did not need 5 babies struggling around sharing my prime time with Missy. There is time enough for that and will she ever be sorry. Actually, they did pretty good. Most of them found their way back into the house; Missy put one back 'cause that child just sat there and cried. Doesn't have a bit of mother wit.

She had to take clothes to the laundromat because the washer's on the fritz. Came back talking about how ragged the place was and how, if she had some money, that would be the business to start. Said it cost $1.50 a load and she sure hoped the dryer was working here. Well, after a rocky start, she was able to get her uniform dry and pressed. She doesn't like it when I jump on her Wally World pants. I don't see the difference but what do I know? Just showing a little love for the old girl.

I'm still on semi-punishment. That woman can carry a grudge. But when she opens that back door? I'm in like a shot. Don't get to stay long though. I've been told goodnight, so I guess my time is up. Take care and let me know about Ant Hagar.

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