March 20, 2008

We Have a Problem

That was part of a phone call made by a co-worker to her cohorts for back-up assistance. Back-up assistance for what, you ask? The anticipated fight between her and some other co-workers. Excuse me? In this day and age? Yep, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The third or overnight shift at Wally World has some rough characters on board. Don't take tea for the fever. Some of these women would be right at home in far southeast or northeast DC. Or any other rough area in the world. Look at them the wrong way and the fight is on. So, I'm on my way to clock out and the incoming shift is milling around for their nightly meeting when I hear loud, angry voices.

As I rounded the corner where the time clock is located, she has whipped out her cell and is telling someone that they'd better get down there because they have a problem. Someone wants to whip on her. Good googlie mooglie. I was grabbing my stuff out of the locker and trying to get my coat off the rack. It was definitely time for the kid to roll. I am too old to be around, or involved in, violence of any sort. My body would defeat me before my opponent would--a hitch in the hip, the knee would flex the wrong way, my foot would hurt. And, we all know, I can't stand the sight of blood.

The assistant manager on duty is young and obnoxious. The manager, rarely around at that hour, was still on duty. He has eyes the size of headlights and when the two of them came back to the office, his eyes had doubled in size. To give the young woman credit, she did go into the office and speak with them. I was busy bailing to the front.

Along the way, another co-worker gave me some background on the key characters. They grew up together and are rough, rough, rough. I tried to find out where they lived, so I'd be sure to stay out of that area. Of course, with the price of gas, I'm only going to Wally World, anyway. As I came out of the front door, a young lady was adjusting her clothes and thanking a gentleman by the same name of the person who was called. Don't ask me about the outcome because Abbie and I didn't wait around to see.

Earlier in the evening, I was tapped to relieve the greeters for their lunch breaks. Wouldn't you know two young women were stopped for shop-lifting while I was on the door? Now, there was nothing about them to cause me to look twice. I saw them walking towards me. Their purchase was bagged so I didn't need to ask for their receipt. I did notice that one had a huge hobo/tote bag across her body under the jacket but, hey, everybody doesn't sling their purse on the outside of their coat...or do they?

They stepped out of the door and security was on them. One was very, very pregnant. Took them to the back and the police arrived not long after. Escorted them out to the waiting police cars. I'm chalking the night's behavior up to the appearance of the full moon.

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