July 17, 2008

Good News

I am able to relate some really great news for once. But before I do, let me drag out the suspense for a moment.

You know that I've been working days this entire week (it changes again on Saturday) so just tell me why would the folks on The View choose this morning to have a major disagreement? Can you see my face as I listened to the exchange on Access Hollywood? Now, I've already dismissed Elizabeth and Sherri as players but they fill their assigned roles. Elizabeth's views are a little hard to take sometimes. Righteous and wrong. Seems she and Whoopi got into it over the "N" word. Of course you know by now that Fox has outed the good Rev. Jackson for using it during his "hot mike" diatribe. Wonder how many more scintillating bits they will release?

Worked in soft lines, apparel for the uninformed, all week. Answered the phone, trailed behind a manager acting as her gofer (hold this, put this in the trash, clean the mirrors), and replenished infants and girls wear. I told her that my mother was watching and laughing because neither of us could clean a mirror without smearing it. The manager for the infants and girls department has been out for several weeks. Applied for the vacancy created when they fired the young lady for not unloading the truck. I keep applying but someone noted that they are determined to keep me in domestics and housewares. Doesn't matter to me. I just need consistent hours. The new assistant manager asked why didn't I take the department managers' test. I'm really not hot on that. Offices are my venue of choice.

So when I walked in this morning, missing The View, it was mentioned that the manager for infants had not returned as expected. "Why don't you take the test?" What the hell? So I sashayed into Personnel near the end of my shift and asked to take it. I figured that if the questions were management-related, no problem. If they were retail-oriented, I'd be in trouble.

I PASSED!!!!! Don't ask me for particulars. Don't know if the score was exceptional or just passing. The notice only read that I had passed. The rating is good for two years. Lawd-a-mercy, do you think it will take two more years before I can get a decent salary? I'll be ready to draw partial Social Security by then. If there's any money left in the treasury, that is.

Be happy for me and pray.

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bandit said...

Well as you always said you may know something but until you can show it it dosn't matter.
Congrats mumzi