December 01, 2008

First Day of the Last Month

First snowfall on the first day of the last month! Snow showers are expected throughout the day although there will be no accumulation. Thank goodness! I don't have any salt or deicer. Actually, the flakes aren't falling fast enough or with any volume to even acknowledge them. But I'm sure the kids are excited.

My dog is gone. Drats! She's been gone since Friday and the shelter doesn't have her. I let her out on Friday when I came home for lunch and, as she does more often than not, wasn't ready to come in when I left. If dogs can grin, then she was having much fun as she danced away the closer I would get to her. Then, bouncing away like a deer or rabbit with springy leaps, she was gone. This always worries me but I figured she'd show up when I pulled into the driveway as usual. Not. No Cindy. I spent most of Friday night periodically going to the door, expecting her to come tearing around the edge of the house. No Cindy.

I chased some "no necks" out of the yard on Wednesday when Cindy and I returned from our walk to the gas company. They were just lounging around at the very edge of the backyard; some stretched out, the others sitting cross-legged. Puts you in the mind of Huck Finn and friends. "Is this your yard?" "All of it?" "Do you own the hill, too?" Yes, yes, and yes. They weren't hurting anything or anybody; however, I don't have kids and I don't need anybody's chil'ren getting hurt on my property. GET Gone! My heart was in my mouth as they ran down the hill. Now, boys and girls, it is a steep hill. They didn't miss a step. Hope they didn't hurt my dog.

I've become attached to the mutt. Last weekend, I fixed lima beans and ham hocks. Dropped the bones into her bowl. When she finished, she jumped into my lap and belched. Ugh! Ham hock breath! Later during the week, she jumped into my lap and went to sleep with her head on my chest. I think she believed that when I sat in the recliner, she was supposed to be there, too.

The shelter still has the picture that I gave them when she and Big Boy went missing. They promise to call if she shows up. If you see my dog, please send her home.

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