January 14, 2009

Double Standards

I'm all over the charts today. You're not surprised, right? So, let's get to it.

But first of all, I am sick and tired of hearing, "At the end of the day." Find another statement. Please. Try: "In conclusion." Or: "What will really matter." Anything but " the end of the day." Have you counted how many times that phrase is used by the pundits in every conversation? It's starting to become the equivalent of a piece of chalk on the blackboard or whatever the analogy is. Another that they are overusing (in my humble opinion) is "scrum." This started when Roland Burris made his stand in the rain outside of the Capitol building.

Congratulations, Sen. Burris. I guess. Does it really matter? What a farce, waste of time and money. And look whose face was prominently displayed in these shenanigans. Terry Gainer. Now for those of you not from D.C., Gainer was the former ass't. police chief who left to head up the Capitol police force. Then he got caught in the crossfire about two years later because his son-in-law had been hired to the force. Cries of nepotism. Thought he'd been run out of town. Lo and behold, now he's keeper of the gate for the Senate, aka Sergeant at Arms. Hmm. Pays to know people.

Sarah Palin...put a sock in it. You're confirming what everyone knows. McCain's handlers knew that you were poison and did the best they could, hoping beyond hope, that your looks and novelty would save him. You sank the boat. Go away. And instead of the media asking for your health records re Trig, they need to be asking for your daughter's. Which of course you won't provide and neither would I. Case closed.

Bernie Madoff. How appropriate. Made off. Sums it up. Made off with people's money and is making a mockery of the system. If any of us holds up anybody, at any time, we're going to jail to await trial. We are probably not going to be allowed to go home, especially if you're poor.

And let's speak to the incoming Secretary of the Treasury. Didn't pay your taxes? No big deal. Paid up three years later, minus penalties, interest, etc. No big deal? I didn't pay my taxes one year and they took the money out of my account. Poof. And I'm poor. And don't forget the hullabaloo around Wesley Snipes, no pity here, but they're trying to send him to jail.

Double Standards. The world is full of them.

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