April 07, 2009

Who Has Time for This?

Wrote a real good (at least I think it was) post last week re the observation of Dr. King's assassination and the civil rights struggle in Fayette County, TN, which is a county or two away from me. Did something wrong because it has disappeared...lost...gone. So, I'm bringing you up to date.

I don't know what observations were made in the area; I'm sure the Lorraine Motel had something going on. I watched snatches of the CNN production on the assassination, done last year, and learned even more. It seems I learn something new every time I watch it and wonder, having lived through it, how did I miss so much? Each time they mention the soldiers around Capitol Hill, I marvel. We didn't see it. A cordon was drawn at New York Avenue and no one was allowed to cross it. We did experience the looting and burning, however. Destroyed our neighborhoods and they didn't start rebuilding the inner city until just before I left D.C. Lots of condos at prices you and I can't begin to fathom. Folks just have to be near the subways. But that's an issue I'll discuss later. Number One Son sent this link that you will enjoy: Lost Photos

Came in one night in time to see a PBS documentary on the civil rights struggle in Fayette. I cried and wondered why the hell did I move here? Blacks had never tried to vote in any numbers or at all--poll taxes and every other obstacle was thrown in their way. Then in the late '50s, they started trying to register. Walked for miles to the courthouse to be turned away. Lines for days, every Wednesday. And the retaliation began. Anyone who had registered found that their money wasn't good in the grocery stores, gas stations, feed stores. Doctors refused to treat them. No work. No sharecropping. They had to drive 50 miles or more to obtain food and other services. Banks called loans, sharecroppers were kicked off the land, and people lost the land they had owned for years. Started living in tents. And then students arrived from the North and the struggle continued. The right to vote was finally gained around 1963. We experienced discrimination in D.C., I remember my mother not being allowed to board a bus--she couldn't bring the baby stroller on board--but nothing as harsh as this. Here's some information on the key organizers, the McFerrens, who held it together. John and Viola McFerren

Nemesis was in a mood this morning when I called. Just trying to be helpful and pass on's my day off...and I wasn't going for her hokey doke. So I get an email telling me that she got in my car last week because we should ride to these meetings together; we're a "team." Bite me. And then the biggest joke of all--she tries to tell me things but I don't listen. If she told me things, I wouldn't be running to others to get information. And there's been no information on what to expect or how to handle things next week. Fortunately, the person sending the email is one of those that I have to go to for help so they saw through the b.s. Now the question is: What's the plan, Stan?

The weather turned brutal down this way. Frost last night. Glad that I listened to one of the men in the store who advised me not to put out the tomato plants (or the others) last week. I've got plants everywhere and the ones I ordered courtesy of son and daughter-in-law arrived today. The roses are growing leaps and bounds. Just waiting for a break in the weather.

And the groundhog? He's giving me a run for my money. He's going to single-handedly destroy my barn/garage/shed. And the @@@###@@@ had the nerve to run into a hole at the base of the building and then peep out to see if I was still there. I had a brick waiting to throw at him. My aim was off by a mile. Lots of rat poison out there. Cement is next.

I appreciated the comments you sent on Nemesis. My response? "EXACTLY."

Be Blessed.

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