June 28, 2009

What Can I Say?

Started the new job on Monday. The drive is an easy one, relatively straight once you get out of Ripley and until you hit Brownsville. But even then, Brownsville has a bypass which goes around "downtown" but adds a few miles to the drive. One thing that you absolutely cannot take away from TN, and must give them credit for, is the quality of their roads. The ones which I've been on, anyway. Smooth sailing. A pleasure to drive.

So I get to the new store which is larger than Ripley's but far less people. I walked in to a darkened store and no people greeter. Where IS everybody? This is a 24-hour-store, isn't it? My training coordinator had raided the desk and took every accessory, flat monitor, desk accessories, yada yada. Can't complain...I would have done the same. She deserves a world of credit because she was thrown into the mix about 6 weeks ago, brand new to her position, and had to carry personnel for the last three weeks...alone. Lots of issues to be resolved, routines to be established, etc., but I've been there before. It'll work. Most of my week was spent driving from Brownsville to Humboldt for my training. There is sooo much that I don't know and some things which my good friend could have shown me but didn't. Simple things such as keep every scrap of paper. I was in the habit of throwing the posted listings as I put up new ones. They are to be retained. Excuse me? You let me toss them for almost a year and said nothing? Please.

I came in on Tuesday to find that my visitor had struck again. Came in through the kitchen window. Cut the screen. Now, people, most of my windows are sealed. The heat down here is intolerable. Ceiling fans and air conditioners are running nonstop. But fresh air is needed, particularly since I smoke. The kitchen window is the only one on that side of the house which is operable. I had it opened about a foot with a post jammed at the top to keep it from being opened. R I G H T! Obviously, I couldn't open it any further but he could. Went out through the front door. Seems like someone would see him and realize that he doesn't belong here. But, I guess, because he is from the 'hood, no one is paying any attention.

Everyone agrees that it is someone in the neighborhood who knows my schedule and the fact that I live alone. Of course, all you have to do is cruise through and see if the car is in the driveway.

I am HATING this man! I was so angry. Still am. The first time, I was scared spitless, but this time? I could've fought all of Ripley and took on some more, I was just that mad. And he is so damned neat as he saunters through as though he lives here. Took change, batteries, and I've found a twisted fork which he thoughtfully put back into the silverware drawer. And we won't mention the use of my "good" towels. I now understand completely the statement which people make on tv about feeling violated.

So where was the vaunted alarm system? Still awaiting installation. I don't EVEN want to hear it. The contractor has not come to put in the extra jacks (and he didn't show, yesterday, either). I'll have to pay the cable/phone company.

I think it is the young man on the corner who comes around asking if I need help. Why him? Because on Sunday, he followed me home from the corner. When I got out of the car, there he was. I started to get ugly because I've told him repeatedly that when I need him, I know how to get in touch. But I decided to "just say no," and not ream him out. The coincidence is just too great.

Ripley's Finest? Keystone cops. No fingerprints unless the loss is over $1K. The officer spent forever admiring the house. Thank you very much, but.... He did put in another bar, however, which is more than the first set of responders did when my front door was left broken. And what should appear in the mail the next day? The spiffy deadbolt for the front door. I may not be able to keep his ass out but I'll sure be able to keep him in. LOL.

My neighbor complained to the "yard man" about the leaves on her side of the property line. Let me be very clear...leaves fall. I don't have any intention of going out to pick up leaves because they fell on her property. Pu-leeze!

This has been a very sad week with the deaths of Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson. Talking about bringing back memories. Everyone wanted the Farah Fawcett look; Ed McMahon was beloved and could hawk anything with credibility. Michael? I'd forgotten so much of what he achieved, of how great he was, as I grew older and became inundated with the events of the latter years. But seeing the videos and hearing the songs over the last few days brought home what a tremendous influence he exerted in the world of entertainment; how much he was a part of the fabric of my earlier years--there was no party without Michael; how special he was and how blessed we were to have witnessed it. "Gone Too Soon." 'Nuff said.

Be blessed.

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