October 29, 2009

All in the Family

Sister Sledge said, "We are family." Marvin Gaye said, "Let's Get It On." Our store says "we are family, bring it."

Lawd, lawd. I need a family tree to keep track of the relationships among the staff--mothers,daughters, sisters, nieces, nephews, brothers, cousins, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, sister/brothers-in-law, did I miss a link? And every day I learn of a new relationship. There are more family members in this store than Ripley even thought about having. If they aren't related by blood or law, then they live next door, around the corner...they can definitely carpool when the weather is bad. OR, Baby's daddy is now dating Mama's friend. Which brings us to the real subject of this tale.

Came in Monday to learn that there had been a real knock-down, drag out battle among "friends." I mean whaling the hell out of each other, not once but THREE times on their way to the office. And you know that it was over, who else, a MAN. Listen little girls, grown ladies, old ain't worth it on any level. Didn't you leave that behind in GRADE school? Obviously not.

Common sense says that this had been simmering for a long time. Even though they hung out with each other, as I've been told. Clubbing in Memphis, etc. Both very attractive and neither giving the impression that they were capable. See, you can spot the sistahs that will wax your ### in a heartbeat. One squared up on another the other day, in fun, but the boxer's stance was perfect. Let me repeat--PERFECT! If it had been serious, there would have been no broken nails, clumps of hair--this woman can deal. But back to my ladies.

Lose your job over this????? With a baby to feed? You and I both know that baby's daddy ain't pulling his weight. Car notes? Strike that. Truck notes. Pulleeze. Going to college? Recounts of the Brownsville Brawl all over the store and the town. People that don't even work there know about it. 'Cause they are family. Lawd, lawd.

Be blessed.

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