October 11, 2009

No, He Did-ent!

Lawd, lawd! I'm too old for the foolishness. An assistant manager walked into the office, slammed his hands on the desk, and proceeded to ream me out for something I supposedly said. Full of anger, he was. Determined to show that he was the MAN in front of his sniveling cohort. Only problem? I didn't say it. Never told that conniving wench that she couldn't watch the broadcast. But did he ask me? N-O-T!

Trying to diffuse the situation, I asked if we could step into the hallway. "We can step anywhere you want, she'll still watch the program." Oh ho. Really steamed are you? Okaaay! Figured that if I talked calmly and explained what actually took place, he would realize that he'd fallen for the hokey-doke. N-O-T! Of course, that would have been to much to ask. Got to save face.

Penned an email to the HRM and one to Alpha Male, who was off, asking for my "open door." Talking about steamed when I returned to work the next day. Took Alpha all day to get around to talking to me and when he did, blithely informed me that he had spoken to the bantam rooster. Now, did he really think that would suffice? I guess he did. Wrong person, brother man. Here's the real deal. Girlfriend is a liar and your assistant will never have the opportunity to approach me like that again. Take it to the bank. Seems the assistant has a problem communicating. Hmmm! Send him to class.

Lord, hear my plea. Keep them away from me. FAR AWAY! I'm too old to be fighting (you know I could have wiped the floor with that hussy) and I need to buy windows, finish my kitchen, and other things. Order my steps.

I've worked weird hours all week trying to get out the information about annual open enrollment. Worked Saturday and as I was leaving, who did I spot in line? Alpha Male. Did he really drive 55 miles or so to check on the store? The lines were long (even I did a stint on the cash register) and there were no door greeters. Hoo boy! I chuckled all the way to the car. Judging from the way that he shot out of the parking lot, he was not a happy camper. The folks had better get it together.

Be blessed.

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