January 30, 2010

Not Once...

but twice. The big semi, the mail truck from Memphis to Newbern, got stuck in front of the house this time. I hope it wasn't the same driver because, if it was, he was absolutely too through. I guess he was trying a different route to the P.O. and came around Lafayette. Oops, it is an incline--something you don't really notice until there is bad weather. Not steep but just enough to bring the big wheels to a stop. Here comes John Deere to the rescue except he wasn't of any help. Finally gave up and moved on.

Now it is Public Works turn, again. Excuse me! The back of the pick up is filled with BAGS of salt, just like the ones I have in the garage. The Big Rip doesn't buy loose salt and store it? The crew jumps out of the pickup, grab the bags, rip them open and start pouring the salt around the wheels. The wheels keep spinning; no traction. Then it starts rolling backward. There are a few brave souls here because the cars which came up behind them just eased their way around. I don't think that I would have tried to ease around anything that was slipping backward. So I'm watching this scene and wondering where is the snow shovel? Somebody should have a snow shovel--the driver, the crew--somebody.

They finally got him going. Lawd, Lawd. Through snow....

Be blessed.

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