December 05, 2010

Finally Recuperated

From what, you ask? BLACK FRIDAY! Every retailers' dream. What they prepare for months, nay, years in advance. You surely didn't think that they started preparing for this a few weeks or a month or two ago,did you? I believe that the only last minute (and even that was done weeks ago) planning is the schedule.

I had to be at work at midnight. Driving 19 in the dark, for me, is no fun. But having to drive it at 11-ish is not as disconcerting as having to drive it at 2 a.m. So what is the difference? Yes, it is still pitch black, very few roadside lights until you hit the B'ville city limits, but at least there are some cars on the road--just in case I miss one of those turns or something and land in the ditch/ravine. There are also a few house lights on which adds to the comfort zone. But just like last year, if you were unlucky enough to be in Abby's path, you were going to be roadkill 'cause I wasn't stopping for a thing.

The sale didn't officially start until 12 a.m. However, everything that could be picked up prior to midnight was already in the baskets. A mad rush at the cash registers until about 1:30 a.m. If you wanted the electronic items, you had to be in that line at midnight for the bracelets which were distributed at 2 a.m. After that, people made a made dash for Jackson to hit the stores there. Back to Wally at 5 a.m. to pick up their electronic goodies. And there were some fantastic sales to be had. But lady, really, did you need a gift certificate for every $1.96 item? Please.

Reinforcements started arriving at 4 a.m. But where were the crowds? Gone to other venues. Wasn't the object of the game to get shoppers in the store and keep them there? I understand that the same story played out in our sister stores around the area. Did we make any money?

So the midnight crew could go home early. I was thankful for 1.5 hour early release (though my pocketbook won't be). I decided to take Abby and my weary soul to the dealership, in Covington, to get the oil changed. Really had to fight myself on that one because I did not sleep on Thanksgiving Day and the 5 Hour Energy drink was wearing out. A salesman was talking about the sparsity of people at the Wally stores and quoting his wife. "Where does your wife work?" In Brownsville. "What's her name?" Bobby. What a small world. She was on the midnight shift with me. He immediately dialed her up and we had a good laugh. She, too, was on her way to Jackson to shop. By 9 a.m., I was doing a light doze in the reception area. But I was cool. Had my book and tried to look as though I was thoroughly engrossed in it. Have you ever tried to stay awake by stretching your eyes as wide as possible? And, how long does it take to change the oil, anyway? And why, Miss Abby, did you wait until I was dead broke to decide that you needed a new battery? Can you wait until payday?

Once I hit Serendipity, I made a bee-line for the bed and dove in. The weekend was spent like this: wake, eat, sleep. What I should have been doing like all red-blooded Americans on Thanksgiving day.

I have decided that I am too damned old for the "Annual Event," as it is now called.

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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