January 23, 2011


"Too late...the dining room is closed until 6:30 p.m."  What??? We've missed lunch??? Got in too late, it seems.  "Go to the Blue Lagoon Restaurant."  Off we go, headed in the direction in which we were directed.  What's this?  The main dining room is still serving?  Hard left turn. 

The food is attractively displayed.  Everything looks familiar and...good.  Hmmm.  Mighty bland.  Some of the meat selections are tough; the desserts not as sweet as I presumed.  Oh, well.  At least we won't starve before dinner is served. Just enough to take the edge off of the hunger.  And what's up with this time?  I'm confused.  I left Memphis on Central Time; arrived in Miami on Eastern Time; and now I don't have a clue as to what time zone I'm in.  Twilight Zone, maybe?

Well, looky here, the Eagles and Packers are playing.  Just started.  A bunch of Green Bay fans at the bar.  Don't think I'm enjoying this.  One woman was on the way to becoming an obnoxious drunk (my impression); her shrill yells quickly became nerve-wracking.  Time to go!  Especially since the Eagles weren't looking too good.

Told that there was a sports bar across the street which had more seating.  Didn't find it.  But the grounds looked good. Swimming pools everywhere!   Decided to plop by the poolside bar and people watch.  Attentive, friendly bartenders, but not the showmen we've seen at other Caribbean resorts.  No twirling bottles; no patrons stretched out with drinks being mixed and served in their mouths; no oohs and ahs; no rowdiness. 

Off to dinner.  It is a zoo!  People are rushing around as though the food will be taken away from them.  RUDE behavior.  Hold on crew, it is not going anywhere.  Why don't you park that child at the table and fix his/her plate for them?  Since when do they have a choice?  Rug rats underfoot.  Turn around and stumble over them. Food's plentiful but my opinion hasn't changed: bland.  Where are the spices? 

Front--Corfresi Mts.
Balcony Side
Get some walkers and head back to the room.  Everything I read about the resort referred to the buildings as "tan."  I thought that they were a soft yellow.  What do you think?  Wonderful breeze on the balcony. Beautiful views from the front of the building as well as the balconies. Enjoyable.  Turned on the television (got to get that news, right?) and learned that my homies had been slammed with a terrific winter storm.  Oh, my!  Got out just in time. 

Hate on me.

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