January 08, 2011

Pack a Lunch

Seriously.  If you intend to shop in this neck of the woods, you had better clear the calendar (like my social calendar is so full), pack a lunch (maybe include a change of clothes), and prepare to be gone all day. No such thing as running out to pick up a few things.  Not that bad, you say?  Oh, yeah.

The Big Rip has virtually no shopping opportunities, other than Walmart.  Dyersburg, Covington, and Brownsville, have a Penny's, Peebles, and some "boutique" shops (and a Walmart), but anything major entails a trip to either Jackson or Memphis.  Both over an hour from where I live.  And since when did a wide selection of shoes and clothing become major purchases?  Any-hoo. 

Had finally managed to catch the glass shop, in Dyersburg, open and needed to pick up my replacement mirror. Tom had been replaced, Abby had gas, the route planned, and I was off to the races.  Left the house at 10 a.m.  I figured that I would be home around 1 p.m. NOT!

First stop, the obligatory call at the Realtor's office.  Needed to check in; make sure that everything was okay. They're fine.  Off to D'burg.  Tom is in place.  I need him to take me to the glass company 'cause I still don't have a fix on how to get there from here. Okaay...he doesn't give advance warning in the same manner as Maggie.  No, "approaching left turn in .5 miles, yada yada."  DING DING.  (Shorthand for "Stupid, you missed the turn.")  "When legally possible, make a U-turn."  Noooo, Tom tells you that you will turn on such and such street and then lets you make a fool of yourself. You must watch the screen to see where he is telling you to turn. 

Leave D'burg on the way to Jackson.  I need to find the tile warehouse located on Rte. 412.  I know that it is in the vicinity of Jackson, and that 412 will take me there.  Lovely drive.  There is a ranch with kazillions of horses.  Oh, here's a drive-through wildlife park. And there's the tile place on the other side of the highway.  Drats!  Off the highway, up the ramp, and back down again on the other side.  Would someone please tell me why these establishments have to be tucked away, off of the highway?   And, it is in Bells?  Get out of here!

Just browsing.  This place is just like those back home.  Well-stocked.  No reason why I can't find something for the kitchen in here.  Lowe's and Home Depot aren't cutting the mustard.  Lots of ideas.  Alrighty then.  Now to Jackson.  TJMaxx is the destination.

Helloooo!  I did say that Tom tells you what to do and then leaves you hanging, right?  Through Jackson General Hospital's grounds, lovely neighborhoods, around and around.  Past TJMAXX.  How the hell do you get lost when you've got a super-duper GPS system?  Can't watch the screen and the traffic at the same time. This is going to be a love-hate relationship.  I need him; he doesn't need me.

Found what I needed.  Oh, Lord, do I want every handbag in there?  But I'm not in the market for bags on this trip.  Well, maybe a small one.  Back to the Big Rip.  It's nearing rush hour and Abby is running low on gas. Major accident on Rte. 45.  Three car rear-end collision.  Is this my week for accidents or what?  The back-up looks awful but what's a person to do?  Down Rte. 40.  I know where I'm going now, thank you. 

Pull into the Big Rip on fumes.  Head to Wally to reload the gift card.  Why?  Because using a Wally gift card at the Murphy's gas station will take 3 or 4 cents off of each gallon of gas.  Since I left the house with 3/4 tank of gas and now have less than 1/4 tank, every penny saved....  Load the card, drive across the lot, pull up the tank and, no gift card.  WTH? Search the pockets, all of them, several times.  Handbag, shopping bag.  No gift card.  Another car has pulled up behind me.  Well, thanks be that I had some cash.  That's all that I can say.

It is 5 p.m.  A full work-day spent traveling the roads of western Tennessee for some clothing and other items.  No gift card.  Check back with Wally to see if the card had been mistakenly left behind.  Do I really have $30 to give somebody?  NOT!

The gift card was found on Abby's front seat the next morning.  I'll be off the air for a few days. 

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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