February 06, 2011

A Season to Remember

To every thing there is a season....   Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2 gives solace to the grieving who struggle to understand and/or accept the passing of loved ones. The end of January brought more tidings of bad news. First the death of my good friend, Mr. Cooper.  Then the news that my former brother-in-law, Eric, passed.  And then the news that my co-worker, Kathryn, lost her fight.  In between, I learned that another dear friend received a dire prognosis. Each of the deceased had a family who loved them dearly, as did their friends.  So please say prayers for the families of Robert Cooper, Kathryn Goodenough, and Eric Blackman. For my very good friend, pray that a miracle be found.  My heart is heavy, indeed.

But Ecclesiastes also speaks to oppression and freedom.  We watch the unrest in Egypt and pray for a rapid resolution.  Not only for the people there but for an end to the endless narratives from the pundits on television.  I should apply for a position because I, too, have an opinion on everything.

And life in western Tennessee goes on.  The stealing at Wally has become brazen.  Forget penny ante theft, though the shoplifting continues, we're talking about rolling tvs out of the store; opening register tills right next to an occupied lane; stealing whole displays of merchandise. Lawd. Lawd.  So how did they get the key to the register, you ask?  Wally wants to know, too.

My peeps are still going out in handcuffs. Don't feel a bit of pity for this one.  Too old and he knew better. My mama used to say that "a dog don't **** where he eats."  So why do they continue to steal from the company that feeds them?  Facebook played a major role in apprehending one of the offenders.  His picture was put up on one of the pages by the Brownsville police.  When he walked into a store several towns away, the manager recognized him and called the police.  Way to go, Facebook!

We had a pot luck at the store.  A last minute thing.  The pickings were slim but folks threw in for chicken, etc., because they hadn't brought a dish.  So why did EIGHT people belly up to the bar without putting up a damned nickel?  I swannee. Why do I keep forgetting that people are the same everywhere?  Why, for some reason, do I want to think that the folks are more honest, more upstanding, more moral, possess attributes not found in the larger cities?  And I keep getting blindsided. So you know that I started slow-walking people down.  "Walmart charges for everything."  It wasn't a company thing; it was an employee thing.  "Nobody said there was a charge."  The sign said "potluck...bring your favorite dish."  If you didn't bring anything, you shouldn't have eaten anything.  Yep.  Making enemies.  Please.

We haven't had the severe weather as in other places but it has been cold with snow showers here and there.  I hear you: "snow showers?"  I feel your pain but don't want to share it.  A couple that I've met recently left for a cruise in the Caribbean.  Although I've just had my fun in the sun, I wanted to know if I could get in their suitcase.  And, I'm tired of hearing that I should be used to it...I still don't like it.

No movement on the replacement front.  I'm getting antsy.  And I'm damned sick and tired of being asked to clean up the maintenance area, move cabinets, and so on.  Why have a maintenance crew (piss poor as they are) if someone has to clean up behind them?  Alpha Male and I had to have a discussion on moving cabinets which even the men had difficulty with.  Do I look like a dray horse?

I'm settling in for the game.  Got gumbo left over from my offering to the potluck and it's a damned good thing that I set some aside for me.  Someone said "I went to get some of the gumbo and the only thing in the pot was some bones."   Not that it matters which team wins; the Redskins are not playing.  Town Square is papered with signs wishing Ramon Foster, #73 for the Steelers, good luck. See the Commercial Appeal article by clicking on the link:  Wishing Ramon Luck   His brother plays for the St. Louis Rams.  There's also a strong sentiment for the Packers.  Not at Serendipity!  GO, STEELERS!

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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