March 13, 2011

Git Along Li'l Doggy

So by now you know that I drive along Rte. 19, looking at the crops, falling down houses/barns, and the livestock. Coming from an urban area where your personal "estate" can be less than 1/4 acre--an acre is a major milestone and you can believe you are not in the city--the sight of land stretching as far as the eye can see and the knowledge that it belongs to a single person boggles my mind.  And I haven't even ventured off the major roads. 

It seems that everyone has a horse or two, cows, and by golly, someone has a herd of goats in the yard.  There's a property where three horses have been in residence for the time  I've been traveling that road.  One is a palamino (I guess).  Stands out in my mind because on a bitterly cold day, he had his rear tucked up into the bale of hay.  Anything to stay warm.  Overnight the count has risen to five.

So back to the acreage, there is a ranch (yep, Tennessee has ranches) which raises cows or steers or beef or whatever.  Huge property.  The gigantic black bulls have their own domain.  Intimidating, even from the safety of my car.  Coming home after a tremendous storm, I noticed that the pastures were completely empty.  Except for one little black calf who had obviously been overlooked when the rest of the herd returned to shelter.  Poor little thing.  He would run a little bit, a very awkward gait, and then look around.  "Where is everybody?"  Wonder how he got separated from the herd?

While I was outside yesterday, a very friendly black dog wandered up.  I don't know this dog from Adam.  Will he bite? No tags. Obviously belongs to somebody because he knew the commands to sit, stay, and down.  Just the right size for me.  Maybe I can adopt him.  No dog biscuits in the house.  He was gone when I came back outside but I saw him later strolling the square.  Git along li'l doggy.  Find your way back home.

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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