April 02, 2011

Big Girls Don't Cry

Yesterday was my last day at the B'ville Wally.  Almost called in.  Hey, my last day...calling in would not be an issue. Had to remind myself that I was a big girl.  Stiff upper lip.  Only a coward would call in and that would never do.  So I suited up and made my way up 19. In my mind, I've got last minute things to discuss with my replacement. See, it's important to me that he slides seamlessly into that position.  Seriously hoping that my "chil'ren" took the hint and would let me escape without fanfare 'cause I knew that I couldn't handle it.

Not to be.  The first tip was the presence of one of my "daughters" who should have been on her way down the road.  And then the morning meeting in the break room.  Seldom meet there unless food is involved. Went with my roll of paper towels because the eyes had been leaking for the past two weeks.  Business as usual.  And then I'm called front and center. Lawd, Lawd.  Did the dam burst or what?   Who would have ever thought that Miss Gwen could be reduced to a weeping mess, wearing her heart on her sleeve?  Certainly not the folks who've worked with me for almost two years.

Well, boys and girls, the good folks at #64 must have seen past the gruff, caustic, "take-no-prisoners" attitude or they were damned glad to see the back of me.  The gifts were a surprise and I'll treasure each of them but the memories?  Priceless. Particularly when two associates broke into song--such beautiful voices--and, yes the Lord has blessed and protected me.

I tried to explain that they may not have liked my methods or tone but that their success was paramount to me. That learning is something that once obtained can never be taken away; the independence and confidence that it gives. That they had a piece of my heart. And I blubbered my way through it.  Cried all day. Couldn't stop...not even at the cash register.  Each hug, each well-wish brought on a fresh wave of tears. I learned so much from those good people.  And, I'm still crying. 

Big girls do cry.  Love ya' #64.  Be Safe.  Be Blessed!

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