June 06, 2011

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Just what is going on with the politicians, celebrities, dignitaries, etc., and their fascination with their penis?  Are they so starved for sex--not the act (but in some cases, yes)--that they can't differentiate between right and wrong? Whether it is physically cheating on your mate, hiding the baby, having a "wide stance," or sending lewd messages, photos, etc., the end result is the same.  It is wrong. To deny it, is stupid. 

The list continues to grow--the latest being Anthony Weiner, who lied, and lied, until he was put on blast by, of all people, Andrew Breitbart. So today, he admitted that he lied and sniffled as he did so.  Let me go on record by stating that I like Weiner but I can't help but be hugely disappointed in his infantile behavior--sending lewd photos were thought to be a joke--and the lies he told. 

Is it the "anonymity" of the web, Twitter, etc., which leads people to believe that they can indulge in this behavior and not be found out?  Is it a defect in their thinking which leads to juvenile behavior?  To give him credit, he (Weiner) did state that he lied to keep from being found out.  But what made you do it in the first place?  Or, when sex is actually involved, does the man think that because of who he is, that he can get away with it?  Is entitled?

And they don't learn from the failings of those who fell before them. My mother used to say that if you tell one lie, you have to tell another, something Weiner admitted in his press conference. And we are like piranaha, in a frenzied feeding, wanting every detail. As the press conference went on, the questions became ridiculous.  Who cares where his wife was?  I, for one, am glad that she let him take that dose of medicine alone.  But he tried, ineptly, to answer questions which led to more questions and which will, I'm afraid, lead to a full-blown inquiry.

Sex, in all of its incarnations, has been around since the beginning of time.  Even the Bible recounts infidelity.  And there is no question that it sells.  However, I'm beginning to think that we are a morally-bankrupt society. 

Be Safe.  Be Blessed. 

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