September 10, 2011


Loosely, backfill means to fill in excavated holes. In this case, I'm just trying to fill in some gaps. The Big Rip is such a hotbed of activity. Where to start?

170 soldiers, the 268th Military Police of the TN National Guard, based in Ripley, were deployed to Kuwait for a year. The town was awash in red, white, and blue. I didn't know that Ripley had so much bunting, flags, and other decorations. Even the poles lining the major streets were adorned. Where are they on Memorial Day, the 4th of JULY? Patriotism was definitely on display. Citizens lined Rte. 51 on the morning of their departure. There was a ceremony with VIPs (very important persons, as the newspaper explained) and The Patriot Guard motorcycle unit escorted them to Camp Shelby. Just imagine that happening in D.C., or another large city.

Prior to their departure, several guardsmen wandered through Wally, looking totally bereft and shell-shocked. Most of the purchases were toiletries. Question: They have to buy their own toiletries for overseas duty? Really? Everyone thanked them for their service. One young boy was in awe of the uniformed couple in my line. "You're in the Army! I want to join the Army when I grow up." I wished them safety. Join with me in lifting up prayers for all of them but particularly for Lee Middleton, whom I hired into the Brownsville store. God Bless.

My manager and I are playing musical chairs. He took over the Ripley store shortly before I left for B'ville. Now, after I've returned, he's leaving for one of the Jackson stores. Unfortunately, not as a store manager. Thanks to him for all of his assistance. Best wishes to him as well.

Change has hit the B'ville store, also. My daughters are spreading their wings. My middle daughter has left Wally; my baby girl is stepping out of the management role and into another spot, far away from B'ville. Alpha Male, what are you doing to my chi'ren?

Speaking of chi'ren...please get these heathens under control. They are spoiled rotten. The temper tantrums, screaming hissy fits, smart mouths, etc., are just too much for the kid to handle.

Commerce is picking up in the Big Rip--mostly in the form of thrift stores. Lauderdale Retail is a new page on Facebook where you can post items for sale. The freezer is definitely going up for sale. Decided to keep the fridge. It was a lifesaver when I had folks over (as were the numerous crockpots, etc., that I have accumulated over the years). LOL!

Took Abby in for her checkup and learned that she needed to have her ball joints replaced...soon. "So what do they do?" I asked. "Keep your wheels on the car." Oh! While there I was able to talk with a former co-worker at the B'ville store (her husband works for the dealership) and it was great fun to catch up on what was happening over there.

Thought that my social life was improving. Have plans to attend the Lauderdale Historical Society's meeting and just might attend the quilting show in Jackson. Started whipping up my "world-famous" gumbo for some friends but got stood up at the last minute. Say WHAT? It's all good.

Wally is bringing back layaway for the Christmas season, beginning in October.
Christmas Layaway Is Easy at Walmart Stores. The convenience of Christmas Layaway is now available on eligible toys and electronics that you purchase at your nearby Walmart store. It's easy to take advantage of Christmas Layaway from Oct. 17 until you make your final payment and pick up your items by December 16, 2011. Just place your eligible items on layaway at the desk in your local store, where you will also pick up the items. Each item must be $15 or more and your total purchase must be over $50. There is a $5 service charge, and you can make payments on your Christmas Layaway items at any register in your Walmart store. Christmas Layaway is not offered on Friday, November 25, 2011 and is not offered on wireless phones that require contracts. Cancellation and service fees may vary by state and are non-refundable. Our store associates can provide you with complete details on these fees and any other restrictions that may apply. So get ready for the holidays with the convenience of Christmas Layaway at Walmart stores.

Can you say "hip, hip, hooray"? Kmart, etc., must have taken a huge chunk out of Wally's profit for them to have brought this back, even temporarily. New computer on tap for Missy.

The library's parking lot is turning into a rendezvous spot for those just needing a quiet spot to "meet and greet". LOL to the meet and greet.

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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