September 05, 2011

Festive Times

Someone please tell me how an item can appear on the belt and it was not put there by you?  And, you just happen to be the only one in line?  Better yet, how could you choose a cart, push it while shopping with a food item already in it, and not see it?  "That's not mine."  So you know that I asked who did it belong to.  "It was already in the cart."  People, please.

Ah, yeah.  I'm going to love Ripley Doughnuts.  Without question, I'm going to gain more weight.  Maybe doing the yard will work some of it off.  I doubt it. But I'm told that the fitness center offers Zumba classes.  I might be able to get into that.

So the appliance man never showed to reconnect the dishwasher (but it got done). Not to be confused with the young man who never returned to finish his job.  Or the person who was to connect the ice-maker. It, too, got done.   And the broken chair rail?  He had to go to Jackson to find the match.  Now to find someone that can cut it.  Sounds cock-a-mamie to me but then the wood has to be as old as the house.  Lucky to find a matching replacement. Now, if he'll just come back to put in the missing piece. The door to the dining room is hung correctly.  I am so happy.  The painting has been hung correctly and furniture rearranged.  The ceiling and molding in the foyer finally painted. I think that the front of the house is just about done!  Oh, and a swing now adorns the pecan tree.  Just love-r-ly.

I am now an official member of the Friends of the Lauderdale Library.  Please tell me why I had to ask what happened with my application.  Thought perhaps it had been misplaced.  Things do happen you know.  The library received another grant and officials and members gathered for the photo op.  Hmmm...there's a face missing. 

Folks have geared up for the Labor Day weekend.  Lots of festivities planned.  It's a big thing here...a time when people return from wherever they are living for a weekend of fun, catching up, showing off.  I've mentioned the tradition in previous posts.  Thought I'd mosey over to the square and catch the parade.  That plan changed as soon as I opened my back door this morning.  A serious rain came through on Sunday evening, the bucket in the bathroom kind, and the temperatures are now in the mid to high 60's.  Good grief, what a change in temperature.  It's also windy and overcast. Since Missy has no vested interest in the relatives or classmates returning for the big weekend; no one in the parade to see; yada yada, it is just a little too chilly for the kid to venture out. But I understand that the halters and daisy dukes were on display...soon to be wrapped up in blankets purchased from Fred's. Surely they knew that it was cold before they left the house.

Had some "use or lose" time coming.  Looked forward to that.  Threw a little get-together--combination birthday celebration/housewarming--and prayed over the food.  Haven't "cooked" in so long until prayers were definitely needed.  Overall, it turned out alright.  No one died and I had, as usual, a mound of food left over.  The only downer were the rolls (which I do quite well, thank you); however, they didn't have a chance to set up and were not at their best. At least they went home full. Seems to me that we should have a bi-monthly, traveling potluck affair since there is NO place to gather.  Just putting it out there.

Enjoy your Labor Day.  Be Safe.  Be Blessed.


Anonymous said...

Dear Miz, as soon as the interior of my albatross MM [Morgan Manor, if you don't know] is completed, I'll host you for sure. Keep up the good words. They are a joy, just like you! Rev.

DCnTN said...

I've got a spare set of hands.