January 18, 2012

Get Away

Earth, Wind, and Fire had it exactly right! It was past time to get away so off I went for a mini-retreat. Yeah, buddy, I was so ready!

Nope... nowhere warm, this time.  My gracious employer put the damper on that when the requested dates were denied.  And, in true Wally fashion, they came back a week before and told me that I could take the dates off...but unpaid.  Now, really!  First of all, you have to make reservations for flights and hotels so where was I supposed to go with a few days' notice?  Secondly, why would you think that I would be interested in helping your payroll to that extent?  I said that I was semi-retired; meaning that my income is limited. Pulleeze. Fortunately, I was thinking when I said that I was only available on Wed., Thurs., and Friday.  This allows me the ability to jet out on a Saturday and not return to work until a Wednesday.  Soooo, big city; bright lights, here I come.

The alarm was set for 4:30 a.m., on Saturday morning.  I threw my glad rags into the suitcase and hurriedly made my way to the Memphis International Airport.  Lawd, please don't let me miss this plane!  (I know this is redundant but I do have a history.)  Made it with time to spare, barely.  Took off all the jewelries prior to hitting TSA security. I didn't want any buzzers going off.  Breezed through.  Redressing, I found that one bracelet waltzed through without setting off the system.  Hmmm.  But I had to get rid of my lighter?

Since the bag was a little on the heavy side and we know the shoulder problem, I decided to check the bag.  $25 dollars?  Are you kidding me?  If I hadn't been afraid that I wouldn't have been able to lift it to the overhead bin or, better yet, afraid of the resulting pain, I would have rolled it on board. are a major ripoff. 

Ladies, help me out, please.  We spend all the time on planning outfits, trying to conserve space (you know that we need shoes to go with the outfit, yada yada) in the suitcase, and the bag is still heavy.  Furthermore, when you get just falls apart. Something is missing, the colors don't work, something.

The flight out had a little turbulence; the arrival was really bumpy...going and coming.  I remembered an incident a few years back where the passenger's head hit the ceiling.  I could identify.  Man, I was glad that seat belt held. Talking about a bucking bronco!

So I'm looking out the plane's window during the descent and the landscape is totally different from the one I just left.  A million houses, buildings, jammed into areas the size of Lauderdale County, or Shelby County (where Memphis is located) where there is plenty of acreage and few buildings.  A skyline; high rises; traffic.  Lordy! I've died and gone to heaven.

I spent time in the airport just soaking in the atmosphere...newsstands, eateries, people!  Did they think that I was a country bumpkin? Such a joy to see these things and NOT in a Walmart! Sashayed my way to the baggage cartel and retrieved the bag.  Looked around for my escort.  Hmm.  Not here.  Guess that this is payback for all the times he has had to wait for me to arrive.  Nope!  Here he is. Let the adventure begin!

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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