March 02, 2012


It has been abnormally warm in my neck of the woods.  As a matter of fact, the temperature is currently 77 degrees and it is only the second of March. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Daffodils started peeking a few weeks ago and are now gaily waving. The forsythia is in bloom. My tulip tree and the Bradford pear trees around town are in full regalia.  It's too early! My perennials are starting to pop up.  Full-scale yard work will be needed soon.

So what happened to winter?  Even the weathermen are astounded at the above-normal temperatures. And even more shocked at the number of intense (as if they could be anything else) tornadoes racing across the region.

The Big Rip is currently under two warnings: one for fire; and the other for tornadoes. I'm afraid of both. Clouds are racing across the sky; leaves are floating on the air; and the trees are swaying.  It seems that the forecasters expect direct hits to Nashville and other areas, whereas we are just under a watch.  And, I'm watching because as we've learned, tornadoes are unpredictable. My spot in the closet is waiting, just in case.

Everyone stay safe.  Be Blessed.

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