July 25, 2012

Do Drop In--N O T!

I don't think that I'll ever get used to some of the customs down here.  They like to "drop in" for a visit.  I like to know that you're coming.  They have no problem with walking around your property to inspect.  I have a major problem with that. Now, don't misunderstand.  It's not that I am anti-social but I like to invite people to my house. That way, I will be dressed and the house will be clean--those parts that are open to the public, that is.

I sit on a slight hill; neither the front or the back are level with the street. You can't just "drop in" on me. You have to make a real effort to get to my door--climb some steps or haul up the driveway. You won't see anyone in the yard unless they are at the front of the property or you are across the street. The only things "dropping in" are wasps, mice, and my menagerie out in the yard.  But has the inconvenience, lack of a doorbell or, even better, no invitation, deterred people?  The answer is NO!

People have informed me that they drove by to see whether I am actually putting out all of the flowers that I buy.  Others have driven around to the back to find out where I park.  Still others, who have a lot of nerve, have let me know that they walked the entire property. Why?  Contractors have told me that the city's old heads have stopped, inspected, and given their approval. But yesterday took the cake.

Here I am, having breakfast in the dining room. A head moves past the window, strolling around the corner.  "Who is that in my yard?"  I dash to the other window to see who it is and what do they want.  It's a co-worker, strolling over to talk to the workers. Get out of here!  Nothing to do but invite her in.  "I was just passing by."  Right.  Passed right into park, climb, and stroll.

While locking up, later that evening, I found an envelope stuck in-between the back door. "Where did this come from?"  Thought that it might have been a receipt from the contractor.  Nope! It was a piece of mail, addressed to me, and returned to the library because of a bad address.  In the back door?  Please!  Was something wrong with sticking it in the front door?  What about under the mat?  Or even the mailbox?  Noooo.  Placement in the back door means that you deliberately walked around the house to see what was going on.  I should be amused. Somewhat.

I wouldn't think of dropping by someone's home, uninvited.  I wouldn't dare stroll their property.  It is not important to me where a person lives or what the house looks like; therefore, I haven't made the drive to find out.

Hear me. A part of me (I'm only human) likes the interest shown in the goings on at Serendipity.  I do, contrary to public opinion, like company.  WHEN INVITED.  If you weren't...Do Drop In--N O T!

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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