September 22, 2012

No Clothes

No, not talking about the state of my wardrobe but RMoney's campaign which is, at best, just as bad. How can this well-connected, mega-rich, genius of the business world, who has had six years to prepare, run a campaign worse than John McCain's? By thinking that:
  1. the "fix" was in. Remember the PA speaker of the house who declared that by passing the state's voter I.D. law, Romney was guaranteed a win? The institution, by most red states, of repressive changes to the voting laws?
  2. the presidency was his, as with everything else, to buy.
To say that his campaign for the highest office in the land is bizarre and/or asinine, is an understatement.  BUT...he still might win. Anybody but President Obama.

The conventional line of wisdom (which he continually proves) is that RMoney will say and do anything necessary to win the 50.1% vote needed. Except release those damning tax returns. On that, he is adamant.  No flip-flopping there.

He would have the American people believe that he has their best interests at heart and then dismisses 47% of the population as worthless scum. Not his words; mine.  Forty-seven per cent! And these are the people he wants to lead. Behind closed doors, he berated "those people" for not paying federal income taxes.

Wait a minute. Hold on!  Neither does he! He pays capital gains taxes because, according to him, he has been unemployed for years.  His "retroactive" retirement can be discussed later. And a major portion of his money is hidden overseas, in tax shelters, so that he won't have to pay taxes to the IRS.  But he pays taxes to the foreign governments housing his money.

STOP IT! So declares the FLOTUS-in-waiting. "This is hard." Really? "Hard" is being a part of the 47% that RMoney has dismissed.  "Hard" is being among the population that Lyin' Ryan wants to further impoverish. But, then, he did make use of those "entitlements" when it was necessary, right?

Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Emperor's New Clothes, in 1837. 175 years later, it still rings true. Mitt Romney has no clothes.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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