February 24, 2013

Red Carpet Affair

The Jackson (TN) Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta did it again, folks, as they celebrated the 100th anniversary of their sorority in grand style, on February 16th, with a Centennial Red Carpet Gala. Yes, siree, buddy.  It was a very elegant affair, held at the Carl Perkins Center, in Jackson, TN. 

James, who no longer wants to be referred to as Special Friend, flew in for the occasion. And, as usual, we were late leaving for the 6 p.m., affair.  Why?  Sistah Girl decided on the way to the barn/shed/garage that the feet were not feeling the heels and had to go back to change.  A wise decision.  Tom was in charge of getting us to the Center and did an admirable job.  "You have reached your destination."

The invite said "evening attire preferred." And the folks complied.  The "ladies in red" were splendidly attired in...what And their guests for the evening did justice to the affair as well. Yes, the fashion police were in attendance checking out the furs, the shoes, the jewelry. 

Mrs. Cynthia Bond
Your scribe forgot the name of the catering company but trust me: the food was excellent! Prime rib that melted like butter but you know your girl...dessert makes the meal.  Bread pudding? OMG! I need the recipe. Little Miss Piggy sat there with three desserts and was not ashamed. 

Andrea and Dwight Johnson
 Dishes were cleared and the program began. Under a magnificent banner gracing the stage, Gwendolyn Whitelaw presented the Delta Awards, five in all--humanitarian; education; politics; and I forget the other two.  A toast ended the presentations and signaled the start of the "real" fun part of the evening.

Never let it be said that folks in evening dress can't get down.  Lawd, Lawd.  Smooth Jazz Progressions had the folks, old and young, all night long.  Including members of the Ripley Delegation.  Oh, yeah, we represented in a larger number than before.  The Spicers, The Beards, The Joplins, The Sanders, and Rev. Rob.

Donna and Tommy Sanders, James
Rev Rob, Alonzo Beard, Cyronose Spicer

Yours truly brought spare batteries, just in case.  They didn't work. Take it from me, we had a wonderful time.  Well done, DST, well done.

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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