August 25, 2013


Wow, the folks in the Big Rip, including yours truly, have received a lot of print in the last few weeks.  From sports to the Ripley tomato (for which this town is famous), the accomplishments of Terry Ford, the final (we can only hope) word on the fire department debacle, a disgraced alderman, and a lowly little party thrown at Serendipity.

Rather than expound and bore you with my wordiness, I'll just scan the articles for you to peruse.  I mistakenly threw away the article on the alderman.  Just as well. So, first up is the great article on my friend, Terry Ford.  Actually, you'll have to open the link because I don't know how to import the pdf of the article.

Did Tomatoes or Terry Ford Put Ripley on the Culinary Map?

And, of course, there was the annual Lauderdale County Tomato Festival:

The Rotary Club's "Citizen of the Year" award was given to nonagenarian (and a great person to know), Samuel Lee.

We learned that the city came to terms with former fire chief, Felix Moore.  The settlement was supposed to be secret but some people talk and I'm a little disappointed.

Steelers' fans may not be aware but Ramon Foster is a home-grown boy...oops, man.  He regularly receives press in these parts and this article is pretty good.



Serendipity was the locale for another Stepping Back in Time party. The event will be covered in detail, later 'cause you know there's a story to tell.

That blue thing growing out of my head is actually a butterfly attached to the wall behind us.

And, finally,while not about the citizens of Ripley, it is such a good news read that it begged to be included:

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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