November 07, 2013

Not For You!

Better yet, this food is not for you!  My daily mantra, repeated with every opening of the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, cabinet, movement of a spoon, fork, cup, or bottle. Nope, it's not a reminder to me that I really need to start that diet and/or exercise.  It's the statement made to the greediest puppy in the world who sincerely believes that each of those actions means that he will be fed.

Now before you jump to conclusions, he is well fed.  Gets his three squares and treats.  However, if he had his way, he would eat continuously.  Not happening.  As a matter of fact, I'm trying to figure out how to cut the meals to two daily.  Not much luck with that. 

Everyone knows that dogs have the most soulful eyes in the world. It is awfully hard to deny them.  Mr. Patches has it down to a science.  Add to the pitiful looks, his patiently sitting by the back door.  He's learned that Sistah Girl don't play the begging at the table.  As a matter of fact, I really like dogs to be away from the table when I'm eating...far away. 

So no begging but he has no problem letting you know that he is awake and ready to eat, first thing in the morning.  Makes quite a racket.  Good thing that I'm an early riser.  But those elimination walks are going to become a problem as the weather gets colder.

I've learned two things that I didn't know. Dogs get hiccups and their stomachs growl.  Sheesh!

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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