July 25, 2014

That Time of the Year

If it is July, it must be tomato time in Ripley.  The 31st Lauderdale County Tomato Festival really expanded this year.  It had the old standbys and then added a shooting contest (why not...something for the good ol' boys), a poker run (whatever that is)  and a host of other things to keep you occupied.

Now I have avoided the festival for the last few years because it was moved from the Square to the City Park.  NO SHADE.  Definitely not the place for the kid. So why was I at the Park on one of the hottest days of the year?  Doing my civic duty, of course.

We're trying to put together a Main Streets Arts Festival for the end of September and applications are coming in very slowly.   Knowing that there would be a ton of interesting vendors at the park, I dutifully dragged myself down there with applications in hand.  After 2 hours, I was drenched and only too happy to head to the car.

But, the best part was that I had the opportunity to meet the creator of the blog,  She and her husband held a "pop up museum" where several items related to the history of Blacks in Ripley were on display.  She also had a map display from 1927 and, lo and behold, there was Sistah Girl's house!  Get out of here!  The exact same footprint as it is now.  Talking about excited!  Revved up the juices for me to start that research all over again.

And, since it is an election year, as well, plenty of politicians were on hand. Signs, fans, food, buttons, bumper stickers.  "I'd appreciate your vote."  More about the political side later. 

Every person who had a barbeque grill was set up to sell rib sandwiches, etc.  There were funnel cakes, corn dogs, you name it ... you could find it. A friend, who retired from Wally years ago, and his wife had a double tent where they had all kinds of handicrafts available for sale.  I left away with a bottle of red pickled something which turned out to be delicious!  Emailed him to find out what I had bought.  Cinnamon cucumbers????  Are you serious?  They are great.

So the Tomato Festival has been put to bed and I'm sure the Chamber of Commerce is busy planning for the 32nd.  If you're in the area, don't miss it!

Be safe.  Be Blessed!

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