May 20, 2007

Been Here Before

Growing up in the White household, there were several rules to be observed. While they did not agree on a lot, on this my parents were in complete accord. 1: You go to church or you do not do anything. Period. 2: No partying, etc., on Sunday. With that in mind, please tell me why I would try to go to Mississippi to a.) attend the flea market and b.) do a little gambling in Tunica. Refer to rules 1 & 2.

I was very comfortable in the apartment surfing the net. My brother had sent several sources that required my immediate attention. It grew later and later. Tearing myself away from the computer reluctantly, I dressed, made sure I had the required items: camera, cell, directions (used Google this time), cigs, and hit the road. Filled up with gas (that is important when you don't know where you're going). Hit the right turns, I'm on my way. Past the airport exit. Everything is fine. Disaster struck.

Exit I-240 for for I-55 South. Got it. Merge onto I-240 S. Continue on I-55 S to Mississippi. When you find I-240 South, please let me know. Someone has called me directionally-challenged (you know who you are); however, the only turnoff I saw was I-240 E, which brings me back to apartment. Maybe it's further down the road. Not. Come off and get back on, going in the direction I had just come. Nope, didn't miss it. It does not exist. Saw a sign for I-40 East, Nashville. Hallelujah, I know where that takes me. An hour after leaving the apartment, I was pulling back onto Germantown Parkway.

Passed Costco and decided I needed a card. Well, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a GPS system. There goes the gambling money. I might never get to Tunica at this rate. They swear this machine will talk me to where I want to go. It had better or back it goes to the manufacturer and it had better locate things better than these directions I'm downloading faithfully.

For those who belong to COGIC, you'll be happy to know that a portion of whatever highway I was on (skirting the areas I could afford to live in) is named for Bishop Patterson. A section is also named for Coretta Scott King and, naturally, a section for MLK. This is Memphis, remember? In case you've forgotten, read up on his last days. Passed the turn to get to the Stax Records Museum (Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Staple Singers, yada yada); you know I'm doing that tour. Also passed the turn for Graceland and quite a few more. Why are you telling us this? You didn't go to any of them. Just thought you might like to know.

So dear ones, 1: if you can't go to church, don't go anywhere, 2: No partying, gambling, frivolity on Sundays. The elders have spoken.

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