May 21, 2007

A Comedy of Errors.

It's a wonderful morning here in TN but my mood is anything but. I just learned that settlement is delayed, AGAIN! I am past frustrated and am royally ticked, instead. What happened this time? The attorney didn't get the package off to the seller until Friday evening. Of course, she received it on Saturday and (they claim) had no way to overnight back in time for today's settlement. Now they want to set an appointment for tomorrow. Aw hell, naw! Set a date once the package is in hand and you're ready to go. And don't charge me for any overnight, courier, fees that you normally pad the settlement sheet with.

Now, I understand these things happen when a loan is involved. But this is a cash transaction! What the hell is the problem? Did I say I was ticked? Does she want to sell this house or what? Trying to calm down but AARGH! Rather than dwell on this, let's move to more entertaining and/or informative matters.

I can't adjust to the programming down here. Comcast is the provider in this area but doesn't serve Ripley. That's the domain of another cable company. Doesn't matter; DirectTV is my choice. You will find a conglomeration of programs on national networks that shouldn't be on that particular station. For example: programs that appear on ABC (channel 7) in our area, pop up on NBC, CBS. How's a person supposed to find their favorites? Not only that but you're watching something on TNT and all of a sudden, it becomes a different channel! You haven't hit the remote. How did that happen? Haven't seen Rachel Ray since I left DC. And some of you are probably wondering how I know so much about the television programming when I'm always on the computer. Background noise. I'm all by myself, remember?

Still on the subject of the television. On one station, the traffic report is handled by a young woman (looks like she's 16 but I know she's not) who is the spitting image of Olive Oyl. Right down to that little knot at the nape of her neck. The girl is pitiful. A walking candidate for What Not to Wear, make-over shows of every kind. Maybe her name should be submitted to Tyra Banks. Good grief! Not a suit to her name or maybe she saves them for Sunday. The cheesiest outfits ever! They've got plenty of dress shops down here, even my beloved TJMaxx, that she can frequent. Maybe she doesn't know the difference between buying cheap clothes and buying cheap clothes that don't look cheap. Somebody help her, please.

The male anchors could use a little help, too. Some of the color combinations and fabrics such as stripes, plaids, checks, are frightening. And not just the anchors. There was a blues music awards show here last week. One of the nominees for artist of the year or some such, can't remember his name, was a pure-D hoot. Jerry curl; a million rings--one for every finger, a peacock blue suit and matching shoes. Aside from that, the boy was good!

On my aborted trip yesterday, I saw bus shelters along Germantown Parkway for the very first time. Haven't seen any buses, though. Hmmm. And just when you think you've seen everything, there's something else to amaze you. Approaching a car from the rear, I noticed something shiny and rotating on the front of the car. As I got closer, I saw that it was mounted to the roof, above the windshield. I still haven't figured out if it was a pinwheel or a fan to provide air conditioning.

The Reserve at Dexter Lake
is a huge, well-maintained property. I should have the landscaping contract because they are working every day mowing, mulching, planting, trimming, you name it. For their efforts, the property received an award from an apartment association (don't know the name) for landscaping. They deserve the award. Every square inch is planted with something bright and colorful. I've also deduced that water features are a major drawing factor to apartments in this area. The Reserve surrounds a 17-acre lake, with fountains anchoring it here and there. Another complex has waterfalls at its entrance. Impressive from the roadway.

Well, I think I've worked off some of the frustration and will head out. Back at you, later.

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