May 22, 2007

Is Today My Big Day?

Side by side or miles apart, good friends are always close to the heart.
~ Author Unknown ~
Just wanted you to know that you are appreciated. Up early, before the crack of dawn, as usual. Coffee's perked; devotionals done. Too early to call anyone.

Yesterday afternoon, I received a call from the attorney's office inviting me to sign my portion of the paperwork while they await the seller's package. That way, I would be done, they could deposit the money, and record the deed when they receive her papers. And just when will that be, pray tell? So what am I getting out the deal? Do I get the keys? "Er uh, er uh, well we don't know about that but since you have the appointment for today, we can go ahead. We should have the package tomorrow morning. Should I make your appointment for the same time on Tuesday?" No. Call me when you receive the package.

Good friends, they don't know it, however, after the fiasco of a settlement on Gresham, I'm not signing anything in advance. I thought I'd erased the "stupid" sign from my forehead once I left DC. Guess not. And notice, they can deposit the money but I don't get the keys. Spare me.

Spent most of the day researching this and that on the net. Main area of focus-- trying to find a wall-cleaning unit because I know they are out there. Found one. Oh, for sale only? Way out of my budget. This is an expenditure you make when you have a business. Hmmm. You know I want to be self-employed.
Something to consider.

Spent time scouring the Commercial-Appeal, the major newspaper for Memphis. The classifieds are entirely too small for me to read. And, with a thousand magnifying glasses at my disposal, not a one is with me. Maybe it's time for stronger glasses, as well. Have you ever noticed that national/world news is not a priority when you travel outside the DC area? Almost an afterthought. Explains why there is no hue and cry on some of Bush's policies. They don't know about them most of the time.

Also looking for a cheap (and I do mean cheap), in working condition, used pickup or something. Why, you ask? Although she has performed admirably in the role, Abby was not made to haul. Nothing. She is a high-maintenance chick and we're not trying to ruin her good looks or hurt her feelings. She may become spiteful and insist on frequent bouts of expensive care. Secondly, I don't want to put excessive mileage on her by traveling from one town to the next. It seems that everything requires travel to other towns. I did say Ripley is small. Population-wise, that is. It is the largest town in Lauderdale County and when you look at a street map, the area it covers is huge.

Found one on ebay, of all places, in Dyersburg, about 14 miles from my new home, if I ever get to settlement. Wasn't on ebay to find a car but saw the tab for ebay motors and thought why not? Price was more than excellent. OOOgly! But I have a pretty car; what I need now is a work horse or mule. Sent the link to advisor-brother-who very kindly checked it out for me. Thank you, James. Decision: NOT.

Memphis' nickname is Bluff City. They may want to rename it. "M is for mayhem" would be appropriate. Hope my new neighbors won't be offended but good gosh! Teenager stabs girlfriend and her supervisor; woman's body found in apartment fire (we've had that in DC, as well), more shootings and stabbings, thievery, and chicanery. Senator Ophelia Ford a no-show, the last I heard, for session in Nashville. Edmond Ford's business (physical location) was sold from under him, fixtures and all. His reaction? He started out in a matchbox and he is the best in the business. I think there is a genetic dysfuntion at work here.

After a rape and robbery in the very elite, posh, Chickasaw area, those residents have become outraged and formed a citizen's group against crime to pressure the lawmakers into making the city safer, joining with other civic groups who have been in existence forever, trying to achieve the same goals. They are leaving for Nashville today to make it clear that the rampant crime must be brought under control. Notice that Chickasaw is NOT amongst the areas I can afford to live in. Not now; probably never. Gated community, yadda yadda. You know where I'm going with this right?

I misunderstood a newscast a few days ago and told my brother that Memphis had a subway. I had to correct myself the next day. The subway they were referring to was a Subway Sandwich Shop. How could I misunderstand? They were referring to a shooting at Subway, which I took to mean rapid transit; not food. I wasn't watching the tv so didn't see the clip, just heard the announcer. Thank you, Jesus, for directing me to another location.

The sun is rising. The start of another glorious day. Surely, it will be mine, as well.

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Bandido said...

Yeah glad you didnt move to Memphis,you left one Dodge City and to rehone your fine and acute sense of super powers to live in a nother wild west town is not rational.Oh an Superpowers you ask you have the power of duck I heard something or call the police Darryl is on my porch (ha ha ha ha )