May 18, 2007

A Little Pampering

I must take care of Abby. I'll be too far out for her to have problems. Now, don't misunderstand. Ripley does have auto car facilities; however, dealerships are a long way away. So first order of business today, Tuesday, is to have the oil changed, and treat her to body wash. Tuneup and detailing come later. But she sparkled like new money. Still stank though.

Now, to my favorite shopping place. You can't drag me to a mall to window shop but I can spend hours in Home Depot and Lowe's. Up and down the aisles: lighting, tile, tools, cabinets, faucets, vanities. Looking and a-wishing. Got some good ideas. I'll be back.

Linen and Things is two doors down. Need to see what they have in the way of curtains. The windows are from ceiling to floor. The owner had gorgeous lace curtains at one set of windows but they have yellowed and crumbled with age. To far gone for repair even if I could find someone to do it. We've become such a disposable society until those arts are fading if not faded away. Something has a rip? Throw it away and buy another.

I've already spent time on the net trying to locate lace fabric in case I have to whip out the sewing machine when it arrives. I'm not a good internet shopper because I like to feel the product. Maybe this store will have something. Oh, my! No lace curtains but a valance that made my heart stop. How on earth did they do that? Drats, the girl is on vacation. No problem. I'll be back because she is going to show me how to recreate the display. "What are your colors?" I don't know yet. I'm still stuck on how I'm going to get this place ready for paint and wall paper. My muscles hurt already. I do know, however, that this valance has a home in either the living or dining room. And lo and behold, they had panels to match a swag and shower curtain that was in the DC house. My bedroom window is done!

Hancock Fabrics is catercorner to Home Depot. Alrighty then. Maybe they will have fabric that flips my skirts. Surely they have lace. Oh, it's prom and graduation season? All the lace and fabrics of that nature are sold out? Just looking. No problem.

Abby's been pampered and, in my own way, so have I. I've been described as a nester and that person might be right. It felt great being able to look and plan on how to refurbish the Senator's house, soon to be mine.

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