May 18, 2007


This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it. Amen. I am rejoicing. Back to Ripley to sign off on the changes to the contract. Got the directions, got the camera, got the phone. I'm off.

Oh, no! I forgot about the trash in the car. Is it rank or what? Ooooowee. Here's a maintenance man; please tell me where the dumpsters are. I can't find them. Oh, they're easy to find. One is on the far side of the complex and another is located just as you exit the main entrance to the property. I have not seen a dumpster but they must be found. I can't ride with fermented trash. Off to the far side of the complex. No dumpster. Through the gate and out the main entrance. Well, kiss my grits. No wonder I couldn't find them. They are decorative stone houses, blending in with the stone work used throughout the complex. What happened to the green/black dirty dumpsters that sit out in the open? That's what I'm used to.

On the road, windows open to get rid of the smell. It is not working. Ugh! I'm hitting the turns and tootling right along. Even made it into the square correctly. Yeah, I almost caused a major accident on Friday when I came into it from the wrong direction. Haven't even moved into town yet and causing problems. What do I know about squares? We have circles in DC. Those I know about.

Made the changes and whipped out my list of questions. Car registration? Courthouse. Lights, gas? Off the square. Used washer and dryer? Criner's on the other side of the square. Hot dang, he sells used appliances. Just where I need to be and I'm off.

Criner's has three or four buildings on the square. One building is for sale. But Mr. Criner, himself, is comfortably seated and chatting, right in front of the door, when I walk in. Explained that I had been referred by Jennings Realty and understood that he might have a used washer and dryer available. Yes ma'am, right this way. What, a matched set? And a stove, refrigerator, and a new dishwasher? Sold. Here's the story. Mr. Criner sells new and used appliances, along with furniture. He has lay-a-way and installment plans. You don't pay, his stuff doesn't stay. I'm paying cash so he won't be pulling up and repossessing. "You got friends here?" Nope. "You got relatives here?" Nope. "You just pulled up and moved out of DC?" Yep.

Since I came into the square correctly, I saw that Nationwide had an office there. Before I left DC, my Nationwide agent (using the super duper computer) could only locate one agent in the Memphis area and that was in Murfreesboro which is not, in my opinion, near Memphis. Went in and introduced myself to Mr. Briggs. Got quotes for homeowners and auto. "Where're you from?" DC "Got friends?" Nope. "Got relatives?" Nope. Mr. Briggs was born and raised in Ripley. He hasn't been to DC but he has been to Boston. "People drive crazy there." Yes, they do.

I've done all the business I can do there for the day. Checked the barber shop because Dexter and I have to have a talk. Closed. Just as well.

Back down the byways and highways. Only missed one turn but I caught it before I had gone too far. Uie. No problems getting back to I-40. Coming onto Germantown Parkway, I spotted an old friend--Home Depot. Oh, yeah. I'll be back.

Checked in with the advisors and learned that James, friend, would be in Wednesday. Great! The inspection is set for Thursday afternoon. Blue skies looking at ya!

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