May 18, 2007

A Game Plan

Now that I know that the Senator's house-- yes, it has some history behind it--will be mine, it is planning time. In my mind, I've planted cannas, hostas, ripped out shrubbery that is dead and dying, revamped the kitchen. Blue skies--both outside and in. It's Sunday morning and I've listened to Joel Osteen, who delivered a timely message; one that had me lifting my hands in testimony. Joel does that sometimes.

I've been up since forever. Working the net, pricing appliances and other items. My, my. Replacing the washer/dryer and refrigerator that were left behind in DC will put a serious dent in the budget. Maybe we'd better look for used washers and dryers. Need a dishwasher and stove, too. Where is all this going? Back to redoing the kitchen. By jove, I've got it! Very simple, really, take out a bank of base cabinets and install the washer/dryer, don't forget my small freezer, on that wall; use the base cabinets as the base for an island, thereby eliminating the need for a table and chairs. Now, this is doable!

I need to set up an appointment to have the house inspected, locate a Nationwide agent, find out about registering Abby. Maybe I need to make a list. I'm a little old to think I can keep all of this in my head. Back to the computer.

I've accepted an invitation to attend Bellevue Baptist Church this evening. Mrs. Childress' son is speaking. He is a missionary based in Arkansas. Bellevue is huge! I happened to catch their morning service on the telly. Looking forward to it. I've got a lot to be thankful for and need to be in the Lord's house. I can find this easy enough. I passed it the first night I arrived while searching for the complex. It is not far.

What is this? A stomach virus? Can't be, but something is wrong. Major case of the trots. Everything I eat is passing straight through. There's a problem here. And, I'm hoping a minor one. There is no health insurance and I can't afford to get sick. Plus, if I get seriously ill, no one is around to help or find me. A moment of concern.

This central time is hard to get used to. I'm an hour behind everyone I know. Have to make my contacts during the day so that I don't disturb anyone at night. Even more reason for email. Are you listening out there? Check your email. If you thought I was a pest before....

Not only does being on central time affect how you contact people but you miss a lot of tv programming. I'm looking for news, etc., at the time I'm accustomed to seeing them and they've been on and gone. Just as long as I don't miss "Dancing with the Stars." I missed last week because I was on the road but I understand that Lailah Ali is still in the running. She definitely has Ali's ability to "float like a butterfly." That girl is awesome.

Getting ready for tomorrow's trip to Ripley. You'd think I was preparing for a major journey. Still wearing the baseball cap which has become a part of my uniform. Why? Didn't you get your hair cut? Yes, to my everlasting dismay, I did. Now, I am old enough and have had my hair cut enough to know that not everyone can cut hair. But this is awful. It is picked clear through. Uneven and very short. No problem with the short; my hair grows extremely fast. At least, it used to. I won't be surprised if it decides to catch up with the rest of my body: slow. Tried to bump a curl into it but it is UGLY! You and I both know that the barber and I will have a discussion about this. Or was this his revenge for my teasing him about being called old? Hmmm.

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