May 30, 2007

A Little Progress

Infinitesimal but, after days of waiting, any progress is good. Nope, no water. The fittings are so old the plumber is having trouble finding a match. I'm optimistic for tomorrow. The phone man arrived and I have service. The locksmith/handyman took out the old sink base cabinet and put in the new one which is much shorter. Why would you give up 5 feet for 3 feet? Losing two feet of cabinet space will allow me, I hope, to fit the refrigerator, dishwasher, sink and stove on one wall. Looks like it will work. The proverbial "kitchen triangle" has been discarded. I guess that cancels out my hopes of being a kitchen designer. Mr. Holcomb will put together a counter top and I'll tile it.

I began trying to remove the linoleum from the kitchen floor. Two layers. Why not? There's a thousand layers on the roof; why not the floor? Hardwood flooring is in evidence. Hard work ahead.

The plumber suggested that I not install the disposal; seems they cause more problems in Ripley than they are worth. Suggestion taken. Grew up without one; can go back to not having one. With the problems I'm having trying to get water, I am not tempting the gods of gummed-up plumbing. Put the disposal in the car for return.

Got back to Cordova to find that the furniture is in Ripley. They will arrive at the house between 8 and 9 a.m. Cool. Another early morning. Actually, I had to be there early anyway for Mr. Hodge and Mr. Holcomb. And, Home Depot is coming back to walk the roof. Major chaos will be going on in that house. The ideal situation would have been for the walls to be clean but, as you know, Murphy's Law is a predominant theme in my life. The movers will just have to pile everything in the different rooms and I'll clean around them. Not worried about painting right now, other than applying Kilz, because I don't know what colors I'll be using. And, with everything else going on, that is the least of my concerns. It will be nice getting my tool chest and ladders. Those lace curtains have to come down. I'm hoping that they can be salvaged.

Took the disposal back to Home Depot. Needed the cash but a credit would work as well. As I waited for the clerk to process the return, I spotted an extendable scrubber, battery-powered, that can be used for siding, windows, cars, etc. Extends to 14 feet. My prayers and those of my arthritic shoulders have been answered! If it can be used on siding and windows, it can be used on those walls. Alriiiiight, Black and Decker! Almost an even exchange. I'm happy.

The groundhogs are still in residence. I'm waiting for my male reinforcements to take care of the problem. I'm not going near those bushes. Red wasps are also in residence, in force. Didn't know they came in different colors. There is a bird whose call resembles a cheer: whowho who. Real rhythmic. Now, even I know that owls are asleep during the day so they are ruled out. Plenty of robins, a cardinal or two. That about exhausts my knowledge of birds other than sparrows, crows, and pigeons. None of which I've seen. Maybe they're city birds. :-)

Left the house early to ensure that I would be there for Mr. Hodge at 8:30. Really working hard on leaving with time to spare. So what happens? I make the exit for the first part of my journey and come to a stop at the top of the ramp. Major repaving project going on. Darn! The delay took about 10 minutes but it felt like hours. Anxiety attack! I'm going to be late. I wasn't. Right on time. Wish I had my tools to secure the door leading into the garage from the yard but they've already stole me blind. The garage is open for car access but they are coming across the front yard so they won't be seen as easily. Motion light in order.

Once you know where you're going (Abby is on autopilot), you can look around. The fields are planted with corn and I'm assuming wheat (only because it is a yellow/brown grass) and other things. What do I know about crops? Animals are out, cows (why are bulls always black?), horses, even goats. The vineyard in Ripley is coming along. Queen's Anne Lace along the roadside reminds me of church bus trips with my aunt to visit "rural" churches when I was small. Daylilies remind me that they would look nice along the side fence.

Discovered that there is a brick path from the back to the front, completely overgrown with grass. Either the person responsible for mowing the lawn didn't care that the walkway was there or he didn't bother to rake when he finished. It's clearly a combination of both. The walkway would look nice bordered with hosta, if I can get to clearing it this year. Also discovered yesterday that the patio has a curved edge to it. Plants are very low on the list, having given way to more immediate and expensive concerns.

I'm still excited. If you want the phone number/address, send a note to my email address. I'll be off the air until the internet access is installed, Monday for sure; Friday, possibly. So hang loose, mother goose. Keep me in your prayers.

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