May 28, 2007

You Just Might Be a Redneck

My apologies to Jeff Foxworthy but after almost 4 hours in the sun, that is the color of my neck. I don't know if I missed the glass man or he didn't come but I spent the time scraping the growth off of the patio. Need I say it was hot? Of all days not to have worn my baseball cap. Wouldn't have helped the neck, though.

No sign of my resident groundhogs but the wasps or hornets or yellow jackets or whatever are out in force. Spraying was a major duty because I was in their territory. Scrape, spray, scrape, spray, rest. Get the pattern? No gloves equals blister on thumb. Am I working or what?

I haven't gotten a firm handle on the geography of the area but there must be a lot of water around. I saw folks handling all kind of boats as they set out to enjoy the day. Fishing is also prime. They fish in the lake at the apartment complex. I suspect they'd fish in a swimming pool, if possible.

It's also moving day at the complex. Trucks have been appearing since Friday. My time is short, as well. I have to be out by Friday. Furniture arrives Wednesday. Unfortunately, everything has to be put in without it being clean. One thing for sure and two things for certain. I can't get it all done by Wednesday.

How's this for being lazy? A couple in the building next to me has two trucks; one a late model suv and the other an older pickup. They pile the trash into the old truck and let it sit. When it is overflowing, they drive to the dumpster. The first week I was here, I thought that management had devised this to make up for not having a dumpster on this end. Silly me.

I also found the missing box of "fresh" food. It was in the trunk by the spare tire. How did I overlook it? I thought it was a box of books that didn't need to be brought inside. I couldn't figure out why the car continued to stink after the trash incident a few weeks ago. Loading plants and other items into the trunk this morning caused me to investigate its contents. Well, let's just say the makings of a good meal: ham, potatoes, onions, etc., fried to a crisp.

I'm bone-tired. Calling it a night.

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Bandido said...

I am a little late with this one but you neglected to tell me about home cooking with the lincoln (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ) An it figures you would ride for a min with the infamous Blackman look of puzzle thinking and what the h...... is that smell!!!!!!!!!!!!