May 24, 2007


It is 5:42 a.m., central time; 6:42, your time. I've just stepped out for a smoke and observing the stillness and birds doing their thing. There is a breed, is that the right term, that I have become convinced are on crack. They are hyper and crazed, as far as I'm concerned. Around and around in frantic circles. I swore they were trying to dive-bomb me yesterday, probably protesting my pollution of the air, but the same activity this morning. Reminded me that as I walked near some bushes by the garage, a bird set up a furious ruckus. These bushes are in serious need of trimming and are the same bushes where my resident groundhog, or whatever it is, was comfortably sunning him/herself in front of. Now, I like wildlife from a distance. These residents need to move on. No point in putting in cages; I'm not touching them. Maybe the web can point me to sites with information on deterrents. Especially for my furry friend. As I was driving out of the driveway, yesterday, I saw this hole big enough to accommodate him. Definitely too big for a rabbit. I'll check Home Depot this morning to see if they have anything that I can put into it. Dang! Wonder what other animals reside at the Blackman zoo? Can I sell tickets?

My neighbors will soon begin to pull out. It's an early crew, here. They usually return between 3 and 4. If I want to park in one of the front spaces, outside of the unit, I'd better be back around that time. The elephant upstairs is up and about. Why does she stomp so?

I discovered yesterday that I have a train. That's right, a train runs not far from the house. Naturally, it didn't make any runs during the times I was there with the realtor. I was at the house and heard this strange noise. Noticing that it was becoming overcast and the noise getting louder, my fears of an approaching tornado jumped into high gear. Tornadoes are preceded by a roar similar to a train, aren't they? Doesn't Ripley have a warning system? Not getting any darker, no hail, funnel cloud or other things I've heard of associated with a tornado. It is safe to walk out and try to locate this great rumbling noise. What on earth is this noise? Good grief, it's a train. Wonder what the hours are? If it makes runs at night, that will take a little getting used to. Is there a stop nearby? Passenger or freight? Something else to explore.

The merchants in Ripley have no problem extending you credit. They also have no problems in repossessing the merchandise. I've told you about Mr. Criner, the furniture and appliance man, but I also learned that one of the judges who is also a realtor, owns several homes in the area and sells or rents them. Seems he had sold a house--must have held the financing--and when he repossessed it found that the inside, which he had remodeled, was destroyed. Another man owned a car dealership, sold it, and then had to repossess it. He had retired but is back in business.

I've seen two pawnshops in close proximity to each other in Ripley. There are probably others scattered around the town. Seems strange that a town of this size can accommodate two pawnshops or more.

While in the courthouse, I saw some historical photographs of the town. The Western Hotel, mentioned in the post on Sen./Col. Glass, was among them. It was located on the town square, torn down long ago. Hmm. Why would he be residing there and not home? Can't wait to do research on that one. And, no, the title report did not include the chain of title, as I had hoped. It just stated that as far as they can determine, the title was free and clear of liens.

Folks are gearing up for the holiday weekend. They're hauling bar-b-que grills, boats, rv's , you name it, up and down the road. I hope you have big plans and will enjoy the weekend. I'll be cleaning.

Be safe. Be Blessed.


James said...

There are numerous ways to get rid of your critters. Some of the more old fashioned ones, (and probably the ones that work) is to put a small transistor radio in the hole, another is to put hot peppers, or chewing gum without the wrapper. From my understanding the radio noise can't be tolerated, the pepper will give it the runs, and the chewing gum can't be digested.
To some that may sound cruel, but remember the rule if you can't pay rent you got to go. The city obviously didn't teach you that when birds appear to be furious at you,they are. you may want to LOOK AROUND, they may have children that you are near.
Now my last helpful hint is if you are near the bush with your trimmer,whacker, whatever, if you remember the city, if it comes out trim it, whack it, or whatever you have to do New Sheriff in town. No guts No glory.

DCnTN said...

I thought about a nest but it would have to be on a higher floor. There's no nest in my space. I checked. This is a flock,not one or two, performing aerial maneuvers. A few minutes ago, a black cat emerged from the unit and was picking his way down the sidewalk. Didn't they dive bomb him? At first, he looked incredulous. When they kept flying at him, he ducked under the nearest car.

Bandido said...

I am with Jimbo Shoot to Kill you can no longer count on Animal Control to save the day.Oh an Ms Hithcock Birds dive Bombing Cats is an Omen if they are not scared of a predatory creature what makes you think that they are scared of you??????????? Like Eddie Murphey said when he and his wife walked into the house and the house said GET OUT!!!!!!!!! its time to go